Monday, November 21, 2011

Yet another...Peanut Update!

Less than one month...woo hoo! We are officially 37 weeks (almost 38!), which means little peanut probably isn't very little anymore and will be arriving shortly.
November 20, 2011: 37 weeks

November 20, 2011: 30 weeks
At our last doctor's appointment the doctor estimated that peanut was around six pounds. He also said he wasn't worried about him "fitting" through my pelvis, which was a huge relief! Also (and sorry for those who would rather be spared the details) I was already 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced! I was extremely happy to hear that. 2 out of 10 centimeters down and I didn't even have to work for them? I'll take it.

We are still working on names and instead of the list getting shorter, it just keeps getting longer! We're having a little bit of a rough time :) We've put the list on the fridge and take votes each day on the ones we like best and like least. Hopefully, by the time he comes home from the hospital he'll be something other than peanut.

Other than the occasional fainting spell and massive acid reflux attacks, I'm doing really well. I can't decide if I'm uncomfortable enough that I'd rather have him here already or if I'm a little too scared/anxious/nervous for when he actually comes and would rather stick it out. It's a tough call :) But all in all, things are happy and healthy in our neck of the woods and we are so excited to welcome our little one so soon!

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