Friday, October 29, 2010

For rainy days...

You know that saying, "When it rains, it pours?" Well, it's been storming in my world this week and I'm really good at throwing myself pity parties. So, rough day number three I'm sitting at home trying to study and my husband comes homes with these: 

Isn't he the best? So, luckily I have a husband that lets me know that not everything is wrong in the world. I have an AWESOME family, GREAT friends, and a husband that makes me better every day. That's all a girl needs!

October Festivities!

Top Ten Favorites for October:

1. Andy (Chuck's cousin) and Mandy's wedding. ESPECIALLY the song that Andy wrote for her...when I figure out how to post it from Chuck's phone, I'll definitely do it!
They were just so adorably happy all day long :)

Decorating the car!!

2. Spending the afternoon at the Gardner Village in West Jordan, UT where we wondered around boutique shops and enjoyed the beautiful weather!
3. Going up to Bridal Veil Falls on a wonderful Sunday Evening with awesome friends. husband is pretty strong.

We love this spot!

Crepe party via skype :)

Big Emma came to play!

5. Hiking the Y!

It was a PERFECT day to hike the Y :)

We made it to the top JUST in time!

6. Carving SWEET pumpkins with our besties.

7. Curry dinner with our Fijian friends :)
8. Skyping with Meacy and Mary who went to visit my mom in South Carolina!
9. The wonderful sugar cookies that showed up on our door AND in our mailbox this month!
10. Our HEATER is officially on!! WOO HOO!

Love you all!