Monday, October 31, 2011

My favorite day. Part I.

May 29, 2010.
Getting ready and the temple :) 

So, we got our wedding photos, thanks to my lovely sister Sarah Woods. We wanted to share them with you! However, because there's so many good ones, it'll have to happen over a series of blogs. So, please, enjoy :)

My lovely sister Sarah helping to do my hair and make-up.

She did such an awesome job.

The beautiful Louisville, Kentucky temple :)

All our wonderful family and friends who joined us at the temple!

Our beautiful friends.

Leah and Em, we're a little silly.

Sarah and Em.

I have great sisters.

And so happily ever after begins :)

SO happy to be married!

What a stud.

Bestie Nicole :)

Momma and Papa Krebs

Momma Woods

Papa Woods

Our favorite photo :)

My handsome groom :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Peanut Update!

October 26, 2011: 33 weeks

33 weeks and counting...or maybe 34 weeks?

Chuck and I found out at the doctor today that even though I'm measuring a little small, they still stick to the original due date that was determined at the beginning of the pregnancy. Who knew? That means little peanut is due on December 7th! Yay! That doesn't mean he won't come a little late, but I was excited to know that we are potentially closer than we originally thought to welcoming little peanut into the world :)

October 26, 2011: 33 weeks

I can't believe how close we are to meeting our son. It's extremely exciting/a little nerve-racking. I want to remember all the fun little things about this time:
  1. He always likes to squirm around in the mornings when I wake up. I'm guessing he's trying to keep me from pressing the snooze button for the fourteenth time :) 
  2. Yesterday he kicked me so hard that I almost lost my pen while I was writing :)
  3. When Chuck put his new headphones on my belly with classical music he started moving around a lot. Hopefully that means he likes it!
  4. Sometimes he kicks my right ribs and man, he's strong. However, he's never kicked me that hard on the left side.
  5. He gets the hiccups at least once a week and it's just so adorable.
  6. His heart rate is a steady 130 right now. At the beginning of my pregnancy it was 154.
  7. He's a pretty shy guy. First, when we went to get the ultrasound to find out his gender, he kept his legs crossed for almost ten minutes. In fact, the only way we found out his gender at all was because he flipped so his bum faced out, but still crossing those legs! Also, whenever anyone puts their hand on my belly to feel him move it seems like he's a little shy to perform. Even if he has been punching around like a maniac, he's quiet for a few minutes before he'll let anyone know how sweet his left hook is :)
I never thought I would hit that nesting stage that everyone tells me about, mainly because we don't really have much space to "nest." However, Chuck and I rearranged our whole bedroom last night, brought out our winter clothes and put away our summer ones, put together the awesome swing Tam and Greg sent to us, and organized baby clothes into dresser drawers. Our house is still a mess, but I think we've made enough room for our little guy to sleep in our room :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life Lesson: Always read the label.

So a long long time ago in a far away land (Mapleton, UT) Sister Morin (Nicole's mom) taught me how to make her glorious sweet rolls. We spent the whole day making rolls and a few other flour mixes for other good treats. We made a muffin mix, a sweet quick bread mix and some red wheat flour which Sister Morin sent home with me in little plastic labelled bags. And that's where it all started...

Chuck and I have started making pizza frequently; it's one of our new favorite dinners. We recently ran out of flour and bought a new brand of whole wheat flour. It's pretty coarse and made the dough a little too hard. So, last weekend I decided to make pepperoni pizza (we usually make BBQ chicken), but wanted to use a different flour so the dough would be a little bit softer. We had some red wheat flour in a big container labelled flour for quite some time and I went scrounging for it. I found the container and there was a plastic bag of "flour" inside. Perfect. I was excited because I found a new pizza dough recipe and knew it would be awesome. At about the kneading stage (which was taking an abnormally long time, not to mention how much extra "flour" I had to add to keep it from being sticky) I started to notice the smell. For some reason our house started to smell like delicious pumpkin bread. Odd. I keep kneading (of course). Like a light bulb I remember that we did have those plastic bags of mixes somewhere...and they just happened to have gotten stored in the big container labelled red wheat flour. I yank the bag of "flour" that I'd been using (quite a lot of it) and read the label: Sweet Quick Bread Mix, Sept. 20. Great.

Most sane people would stop there and give up. But no. I had just spent 1-2 hours on the dough and I wasn't about to lose all that work. So, I went ahead and let it rise. It didn't all. Not even after 3 hours. I still didn't give up-I wanted that pizza, dang it. So, I made the pizza with the pumpkin smelling, non-rising dough.


The pizza was completely inedible. Well, Chuck managed to eat the pepperoni and cheese off the top, but the taste of pizza sauce with pumpkin bread was just miserable.

The leftover dough...entirely inedible.

When I called my mom and regaled her with my sad tale she just laughed and reminded me of the time our babysitter and us made play dough with the pancake mix instead of flour. Then I thought of the time I made cookies with my sister and used salt instead of sugar. Yikes. Apparently, I have a bad track record and a really slow learning curve.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS read the label.

South Carolina October

There really is nothing like Autumn, especially in the East. After hanging around Lexington a few days after LJ and TB's wedding (Thanks Krebs fam for putting up with the lone pregnant woman after all the festivities!), I took off to Anderson, South Carolina to party it up with my momma, sister, Perryn, and my aunt Karen who came for a visit. If I hadn't been in such a hurry to see my family I would have stopped along the drive from Lexington to Anderson to snap a few shots of the beautiful colors in the mountains--truly stunning.

On Thursday evening, Mom, Karen and I went to an event that Sarah's work puts on each year. She works at a home decor shop called Twigs in Greenville. It's an adorably unaffordable (at least for the unestablished, still in college, starting a family type) shop that makes me wish I were more creative. We had a delicious dinner and learned a trick or two about decorating! It really was a blast.

Momma and Aunt Karen enjoying the delicious turkey and cream cheese wraps!

Sarah teaching us how to decorate Christmas trees.

Sweet bow day I'll own that much ribbon.
Friday we travelled an hour and a half to reach beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. If you've never been, please make it one of your stops. It's full of fun galleries and delicious restaurants. Despite the craft fair weekend crowds, we had a great time checking out the shops. I even learned some great tips from checking out so many art galleries!

Lunch at Mayfel's: Momma and Me
Beautiful Grove Arcade with fun shops.

Sarah and P

Chocolate Fetish: Walls of Chocolate goodness...does it get anybetter?

Chocolate Fetish: Dark Chocolate Pecan Turtles...mmmm.

Chocolate Fetish.
Because of the crowds in Asheville, we ended up driving back to Greenville for dinner and after a pretty crazy wait at The Lazy Goat, went to High Cotton for a late dinner instead. It was scrumptious.

On Saturday, a day we had planned to travel to Asheville again, we decided to hit up Greenville instead due to all the traffic in Asheville. If you've never been to Greenville, SC, I beg you to go there. It's a beautiful city that has a niche for everyone. Karen, Mom and I strolled around downtown checking out the art galleries, ate lunch at Falls Park, moseyed through a few shops and finished up with a stellar dessert dinner at Smoke on the Water.
Mom and Karen hanging around downtown.

A studio we went day, one day.

The block where all the studios and galleries were. I want.
Falls Park, Greenville

Falls Park, Greenvilee

Liberty Bridge: It swayed!

It was so beautifully green, the leaves had just started to turn there.

Falls Park, Greenville

Dinner at Smoke on the Water

My Meal: Blueberry cobbler the size of my face. Totally finished it (with a little bit of help).

Such a quaint town.
After all the walking and window shopping, we were all pretty worn out. Sunday was a relaxing day of lounging and reading finished with a fabulous dinner at Sarah and Perryn's (thanks Perryn for a great dinner!). Emily Baggett (O'Sullivan) even came from an hour a way to visit! It was so great to see her!
Em and Em: Friends since infancy
The next morning Karen headed out early to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Mom and I started our trek back to Lexington. It was a fabulous weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it so much fun!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glen - Mom - Dad visit Utah.

The remaining 1047 Rockbridge Road Krebs made a trip out to Utah this last weekend to attend the Utah reception of Mr. and Mrs.  Tommy Bay - we did get to play while they were in town. They landed late Friday night and Saturday morning we woke up and went to breakfast at the freshman classic, the Cannon Center.

We wanted to show Glen around campus (trying to make sure he's not the only Krebs who breaks the BYU tradition) - so we did. Mom and Dad got chocolate covered cinnamon bears at the bookstore and Momma Krebs made her traditional visit to the bottom floor of the bookstore to buy art. They even got lil' peanut a BYU shirt :).

After the campus tour we went to check out the Utah fall leaves in Provo Canyon and stopped for a quick walk to Bridal Veil Falls. 

Mom and Dad at Bridal Veil falls.
The happy couple.
Not a great picture - but the mountains and fall colors were spectacular.
Glen was showing off his pink braces (which he swears are in honor of breast cancer awareness) 

Before the reception on Saturday night Dad set up a reunion with his family. Aunt Valene and two of her kids came along with their children. It was a lot of fun to reunite with family and eat some good KFC too.
Mom, Dad, Valene and Melody
The newly weds - fresh off their honeymoon :)
Aunt Valene and cousins Zac and Jon.
I only got a couple of pictures at the reception but it was a lot of fun. There were so many friends from KY that came as well as old friends of my parents. The Ponds, Kearls, Burbanks, Madsens and many more. I wish I had gotten more pictures - sorry.

Lorina Binning and Brittany Bay - Laura's new sister-in-law and best friend!
The newly weds greeting visitors to the reception.