Friday, October 28, 2011

Peanut Update!

October 26, 2011: 33 weeks

33 weeks and counting...or maybe 34 weeks?

Chuck and I found out at the doctor today that even though I'm measuring a little small, they still stick to the original due date that was determined at the beginning of the pregnancy. Who knew? That means little peanut is due on December 7th! Yay! That doesn't mean he won't come a little late, but I was excited to know that we are potentially closer than we originally thought to welcoming little peanut into the world :)

October 26, 2011: 33 weeks

I can't believe how close we are to meeting our son. It's extremely exciting/a little nerve-racking. I want to remember all the fun little things about this time:
  1. He always likes to squirm around in the mornings when I wake up. I'm guessing he's trying to keep me from pressing the snooze button for the fourteenth time :) 
  2. Yesterday he kicked me so hard that I almost lost my pen while I was writing :)
  3. When Chuck put his new headphones on my belly with classical music he started moving around a lot. Hopefully that means he likes it!
  4. Sometimes he kicks my right ribs and man, he's strong. However, he's never kicked me that hard on the left side.
  5. He gets the hiccups at least once a week and it's just so adorable.
  6. His heart rate is a steady 130 right now. At the beginning of my pregnancy it was 154.
  7. He's a pretty shy guy. First, when we went to get the ultrasound to find out his gender, he kept his legs crossed for almost ten minutes. In fact, the only way we found out his gender at all was because he flipped so his bum faced out, but still crossing those legs! Also, whenever anyone puts their hand on my belly to feel him move it seems like he's a little shy to perform. Even if he has been punching around like a maniac, he's quiet for a few minutes before he'll let anyone know how sweet his left hook is :)
I never thought I would hit that nesting stage that everyone tells me about, mainly because we don't really have much space to "nest." However, Chuck and I rearranged our whole bedroom last night, brought out our winter clothes and put away our summer ones, put together the awesome swing Tam and Greg sent to us, and organized baby clothes into dresser drawers. Our house is still a mess, but I think we've made enough room for our little guy to sleep in our room :)


  1. Em you are having a baby! That is so exciting. You two will be wonderful parents. Are you guys in provo for a while?

  2. you guys are totally the happiest couple in the world! Wish you all the best. this little site is great! :)

  3. Emily I miss you!! I'm so excited for your new person! I just know he's going to be as sweet as you and Chuck are! Sure do love ya!!!


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