Sunday, October 9, 2011


Emily and I got the chance to go to the BYU vs. San Jose State game on Saturday night. We got the tickets through an interesting connection. I met a guy on twitter (I know... haha) who served in my ward in 2003 in KY and was also in my older Brother Jeff's ward in college. He said he had two tickets to the game that he'd give us for free. Since Em and I didn't get all-sports pass this year we had wanted to go to at least ONE game this season, but this guy (Nick Newman) lived all the way in South Jordan (45 min.) and we didn't want to use the gas to get there. We were lucky because Nicole (Em's best friend) had a brother coming to the game from Salt Lake and he picked the tickets up for us! Thanks, Clint.

BYU has had a rough season this year - we were lucky to go when they won, they lost to Utah this year 54-10. BYU beat San Jose State 29-16 in a fast first half and SLOW second half. Three passing touchdowns in the first half and none in the second. Here's a few pictures we took with our cool telephoto lens - courtesy of Sarah and Dad Woods (I brought it to see how it worked - not too shabby).

Riley Nelson started - first start of the season.  
This was BYU celebrating their first touchdown of the game!
The famed Lavell Edwards Stadium - what a great place to watch football. 
Riley Nelson looking for a receiver downfield. 
Nelson finds a whole - he had 65 rushing yards on the game. 
We sure had a fun time :) 

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