Monday, October 10, 2011

Peanut Update :)

We're 30 weeks (tomorrow marks 31weeks) and we are getting super anxious for little peanut to arrive! We had an appointment today and heard his little heartbeat again (always makes me so happy!) and everything seems to be right on track :)
October 8, 2010: 30 weeks

Last night, for about the thirty-seventh time, Chuck asked little peanut if he could just hurry up and get here. I argued that his little brain and organs are growing and we don't want him to skip that! Chuck promptly reminded me that I was six weeks early and my brain turned out just fine (according to him at least). Touche. 

Another interesting anecdote, I've taken to fainting lately. Only the past two days, one of which occurred while I was visiting someone that I had just met (talk about embarrassing moments) Luckily, both mom and OB doc gave me some advice to keep this to a minimum. Apparently, hypoglycemic episodes are pretty common in pregnancy and as long as I eat every 2 hours, I should be able to keep them from happening too frequently. The doctor just prescribed more eating...could life get any better? So no worries, we're both doing just fine :)
Chuck did say he would be more worried if I wasn't such a fainter already. Maybe it just runs in the genes...

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