Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pages of love.

I know scrapbooking is kind of old-fashioned since shutterfly and digital wedding albums hit the market, but it's kind of my obsession. There's something "homey" and comforting about the look of handmade pages that keeps me from falling into the digital rage. I know it's crazy to spend bazillions of dollars (okay, not a bazillion, but it's a lot) on pretty paper, insanely expensive embellisments and loads of adhesive squares, but I can't help myself. Plus, scrapbooks have always been one of my favorite gifts to give. For this reason, I actually have no scrapbook of my own experiences. Luckily, I married my best friend (who has received one of these said gifts). Anywho, since my current project is a Christmas gift (and I suspect a surprise!), I won't put up any photos. Instead, here are some shots of the scrapbooks that I made for my husband :)

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