Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our trek out West: John and Lucy's Weddding!

Get ready for some wedding photos! It was such a blast to be with John and Lucy for their day. The temple ceremony was beautiful and perfect and the rest of the day was a PARTY! So, grateful to welcome Lucy into the family! The photos uploaded in an odd order and I'm too lazy to reorganize, so just enjoy :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Asheville, NC!

My mom had a Pediatric Conference at the beautiful Grove Park Inn just outside of Asheville, N.C. during the last weekend of July. It was my mom's birthday weekend and she invited Jack, Leah and I to come play (Lucky us!), so we did! We had such a blast exploring the Inn and the city.

Playing "Mimi yittle Apple"

Eating at Early Girl for breakfast! Not only did this place have DELICIOUS food, they also had a basket of toys for Jackson to play with. That gets an automatic 5 stars in my book.
Stuffed to the rafters!

Chocolate covered bananas from Chocolate Fetish? Don't mind if I do! 

After a VERY busy day in Asheville for a craft fair, Jack finally fell asleep in Leah's arms at the library around 3pm. I will note that this same morning, Jackson had an explosion in his diaper. He hadn't leaked out of a diaper since he was an infant. But, thank goodness for those power hand dryers and a sister who will help wash poop off of shorts while mom cleans poop off of little man.

Happy yogurt man.

Yay, bacon! He sure does love this stuff.

Hanging out with Mimi.

Making tea for Mimi.

Playing with the blocks that Mimi got for him.

For some reason, I just love this photo. Mainly because of the farmer's tan, but the crazy hair helps :)
 We got some fun photos of all of us and I just couldn't pick, so there are lots :)

I am just in love with this little guy.

He liked this ice cream so much he needed two spoons.

Happy Birthday, mom!

Might of well been my birthday too. Delicious.

Fun little tid bits:

1. Jackson loved to pet the fake dog in one of the boutiques at the Inn. It was made of paper and so I would always tell him to be gentle in which he would respond, "Pet, Doggie, Entle, Owie." (Be gentle so you don't give him an owie.)
2. Jack actually slept well in the crib even though he learned how to climb out just a week before!
3. He LOVED to cuddle and flop on Mimi's bed :)
4. We watched a competition of dogs jumping into water during the fair - one of Jack's favorite parts.
5. The diaper explosion. That is one for the record books.
6. All the DELICIOUS food we ate! Early Girl Eatery, the restaurants at Grove Park Inn, Buchon.
7. I got a steal of a deal on a Maxi dress that I love.
8. Getting some good deals on books at the library sale.
9. Chocolate Fetish. Need I say more?
10. Playing together! Jackson had a blast and so did I.

Thanks for the awesome trip Mom and Leah!