Monday, September 24, 2012

10 months.

Jackson is ten months! He is such a little boy. Sometimes it's weird that he isn't talking to me and asking me what's for lunch and the next minute I'm astonished that he's toddling around.
Does he get any cuter?
Some awesome things that the little man is doing these days:

1. He just learned how to stack his big legos. He loves to tear them apart, but just last week Dad taught him how to stack them back together. He rarely gets them together all on his own, but he gets SO excited when he does.
2. He is learning how to dance. He mostly just waves his arms in the air, but it's super cute. He loves to listen to music and complains a little when it stops, even between two tracks!
3. He is getting more and more used to finger foods. Some new things that he is eating: pineapple, peas, pears, peaches, cheese and cheerios.
4. He LOVES to look out windows. He always pulls the blinds back in order to see.
5. He and I are getting better at communicating with each other. He knows what no means (not that he ALWAYS obeys, but he gets better and better each day), he pulls on our pant legs and wants to be held when he's hungry, when he starts to roll around on the ground that usually means he is tired.
6. Whenever he gets ahold of something he knows he isn't supposed to have (our phones, the remote, etc.) he runs aways with it as soon as he can. I know we shouldn't laugh, but we do :)
7. He likes to play tag with Dad and Mom.
8. He LOVES toilet paper. Not my favorite thing.
9. We usually put things on his head and now he can balance them. And consequently likes to put things on other people's heads. Whoops.
10. He will start to hand me his food when he is full. That or throw it over the side of his high chair tray.
11. He loves to open and close doors.
12. He usually goes over to his high chair and picks up any leftovers after lunch...such a goof.
13. Whenever he finds something on the ground (dirt, candy wrapper, etc.) if I say "Jackson" he usually hands it to me. I love that he does that.
14. He gives hugs! It's rare and he can't be playing with something he really likes, but when it is seriously the best.
15. He loves to tag a long any where. He will just follow me around the house - it's cute :)

Still loving the laundry :) Now he is starting to hand me the clothes instead of throwing them!

Getting into mom's craft supplies.

Loves his new blocks. Thanks, yard sale :)

LOVE this face.

Sorry for all the pictures, but I just couldn't decide which were cutest :) Just as a note, the pictures from Central Park are his 9 month pictures, but I hadn't posted them yet. We love this kid.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Krebs Family Reunion Part II

August 19, 2012: Sunday was a relaxing day with Nicole and David. It was wonderful to play with them!

August 20, 2012: Nicole and David surprised me for my birthday and took me to Cafe Rio, only the best restaurant of all time. It was such a wonderful surprise! Then we met Mom Krebs right outside of Salt Lake to take me up to Eden, UT for the Krebs party!

We went for a mile hike by the reservoir that afternoon. It was a perfect distance and even 9 month pregnant Laura came along! Such a trooper. Thanks to John for these awesome photos! He took a lot on this trip for me - looking out for the single mom :)

Way to be a trooper, Laura!

Is this not precious?

So sweet!

Elsie loving her hiking back pack!

Sibling love.

Picking flowers.

After we got home from the hike, all the kids decided to dogpile John :)

Elsie and Jack liked to "play together" (i.e. steal each other's toys) since they couldn't roll with the big kids  :)
 That night the family threw a party for Tommy (whose birthday is on the 21st) and me. It was so kind. Plus, we had tons of fun!

August 21st, 2012:

Tuesday was our day at the lake! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that day : / We played on the beach, swam, went waterskiing and boating, played on the seadoos and enjoyed the sun! It was a perfect day. The only mishap was Jackson's random stomach bug. We took him out on the boat and within the first 5 minutes his entire lunch was in my lap and in the boat. And in the time it took us to get back to shore he had fallen asleep in my arms. I figured that he just got a little motion sick. When he woke up he seemed a little better, but threw up again...and again. Dad and I took Jack and Elsie back to the resort (a very long fifteen minute drive with two screaming babies). I was planning on taking him to an Urgent treatment center in Ogden since he had a fever and kept throwing up, but after talking to my mom I decided to wait it out for the night and see how he was in the morning. Luckily, he held down his food the next day and his fever had gone down!

To be continued...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Krebs Family Reunion! Part I

During the last week of August, the entire Krebs family gathered in Eden, UT for a week of party time before sending John off to BYU. My husband was kind enough to send his whole family off for the fun without being able to come along. Since his first day of law school was on the 20th, he had to stay home : ( While Jack and I missed dad, we had a blast with the Krebs family!

August 17, 2012: Jackson and I headed out to Utah! Little Glen and I went to the airport together (Thanks to Lesley Thalman for driving us to the airport!), but weren't actually on the same flight. He did check my bag on Southwest for free for me though! Thanks, Glen!

The flight went pretty well. No screaming or major crying fits, but his new found mobility has made him EXTREMELY wiggly. I was sweating after each leg of my trip from trying to hold him in my lap for so long. I've decided that travelling alone with the little guy is on my list of "avoid at all costs."

I got to spend the first few days of my trip with Nicole and David Ellis, our best buds from BYU. They were kind enough to pick me up on Friday night from the airport and put up with Jackson's night time fiascos :)

August 18, 2012: The extended Krebs family reunion! Nicole and David were totally awesome and took me up to Riverton from Provo just so that I could hang out with the Krebs family for a few hours on Saturday. It was a blast to see everyone and to play!

The talent show - these girls LOVE each other so much.

cute Elsie :)

The talent show - Tyler :)

Lydia and Dad Krebs

Tom and Ty playing with Jackson for me!

The whole gang!

Dancing time.

Jo Jo and his momma :)

Ben and Uncle Glen

Aliya :)

Funny faces!

Will Bill and Uncle Glen

Grandpa with the little guys

Aliya and Emma

LOVE this.

Playing on the playground! 

The siblings - Valene, Glen and Lydia

Afterwards, Nicole and David picked us up and we headed back to Provo canyon for a wonderful cook out with Nicole's family! I was so grateful that I got to see them while I was in Utah, especially since Nicole's parents are living in Idaho now. Mom and Dad Morin basically adopted me into their family my sophomore year at BYU and consequently adopted Chuck too :) They are awesome.

Jackson liked to pick on poor little Blake : /

Our besties!

Mom Morin and Matt

Clint and Laura Morin
For the sake of everyone, the "Krebs family reunion" blog post will be broken into different installments :) So, stay tuned!