Friday, September 7, 2012

Elder Krebs comes home!

On August 9th, 2012 Elder John Krebs stepped off the plane from London, England and back into Lexington! It was a happy reunion. While it was questionable at the first, I think John's happy to be back ; )

A big thanks to the Marcums for taking photos and sharing them!

The welcoming committee!
Coming down the stairs at the Lexington airport

It's got to be a crazy feeling to come home to a family, a life you haven't seen in two years. Some have described it as feeling that you had paused that life and coming back two years later and realizing that it had continued to play you just weren't around to see it. Add that to the adjustment of not teaching the gospel every minute of the day and it must be a weird feeling.

Aw. Brotherly love.

Meeting Jackson for the first time

The Krebs fam 

The whole crew!

But, needless to say, we are super happy John is back. I know it's cliche, but he's all growed up :) Welcome home, John!


  1. Love these Pics!! It's so funny because Christian came home to the Lexington airport a lot of these pictures look just like the pictures we took when he came home haha!

  2. I miss you John but I am glad you are back home happy with your family and friends you left behind, thank you for thee impact you made on our lives this side of thee ocean, you are a great guy.

  3. Let Elder Krebbs know that Dominic (chap he met in Watford but lived south of London and had been to bible college) got baptised a few weeks ago - so did his wife! Took a while but seeds he sowed have taken root.

    Every blessing



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