Thursday, September 20, 2012

Krebs Family Reunion Part II

August 19, 2012: Sunday was a relaxing day with Nicole and David. It was wonderful to play with them!

August 20, 2012: Nicole and David surprised me for my birthday and took me to Cafe Rio, only the best restaurant of all time. It was such a wonderful surprise! Then we met Mom Krebs right outside of Salt Lake to take me up to Eden, UT for the Krebs party!

We went for a mile hike by the reservoir that afternoon. It was a perfect distance and even 9 month pregnant Laura came along! Such a trooper. Thanks to John for these awesome photos! He took a lot on this trip for me - looking out for the single mom :)

Way to be a trooper, Laura!

Is this not precious?

So sweet!

Elsie loving her hiking back pack!

Sibling love.

Picking flowers.

After we got home from the hike, all the kids decided to dogpile John :)

Elsie and Jack liked to "play together" (i.e. steal each other's toys) since they couldn't roll with the big kids  :)
 That night the family threw a party for Tommy (whose birthday is on the 21st) and me. It was so kind. Plus, we had tons of fun!

August 21st, 2012:

Tuesday was our day at the lake! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that day : / We played on the beach, swam, went waterskiing and boating, played on the seadoos and enjoyed the sun! It was a perfect day. The only mishap was Jackson's random stomach bug. We took him out on the boat and within the first 5 minutes his entire lunch was in my lap and in the boat. And in the time it took us to get back to shore he had fallen asleep in my arms. I figured that he just got a little motion sick. When he woke up he seemed a little better, but threw up again...and again. Dad and I took Jack and Elsie back to the resort (a very long fifteen minute drive with two screaming babies). I was planning on taking him to an Urgent treatment center in Ogden since he had a fever and kept throwing up, but after talking to my mom I decided to wait it out for the night and see how he was in the morning. Luckily, he held down his food the next day and his fever had gone down!

To be continued...

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