Monday, September 24, 2012

10 months.

Jackson is ten months! He is such a little boy. Sometimes it's weird that he isn't talking to me and asking me what's for lunch and the next minute I'm astonished that he's toddling around.
Does he get any cuter?
Some awesome things that the little man is doing these days:

1. He just learned how to stack his big legos. He loves to tear them apart, but just last week Dad taught him how to stack them back together. He rarely gets them together all on his own, but he gets SO excited when he does.
2. He is learning how to dance. He mostly just waves his arms in the air, but it's super cute. He loves to listen to music and complains a little when it stops, even between two tracks!
3. He is getting more and more used to finger foods. Some new things that he is eating: pineapple, peas, pears, peaches, cheese and cheerios.
4. He LOVES to look out windows. He always pulls the blinds back in order to see.
5. He and I are getting better at communicating with each other. He knows what no means (not that he ALWAYS obeys, but he gets better and better each day), he pulls on our pant legs and wants to be held when he's hungry, when he starts to roll around on the ground that usually means he is tired.
6. Whenever he gets ahold of something he knows he isn't supposed to have (our phones, the remote, etc.) he runs aways with it as soon as he can. I know we shouldn't laugh, but we do :)
7. He likes to play tag with Dad and Mom.
8. He LOVES toilet paper. Not my favorite thing.
9. We usually put things on his head and now he can balance them. And consequently likes to put things on other people's heads. Whoops.
10. He will start to hand me his food when he is full. That or throw it over the side of his high chair tray.
11. He loves to open and close doors.
12. He usually goes over to his high chair and picks up any leftovers after lunch...such a goof.
13. Whenever he finds something on the ground (dirt, candy wrapper, etc.) if I say "Jackson" he usually hands it to me. I love that he does that.
14. He gives hugs! It's rare and he can't be playing with something he really likes, but when it is seriously the best.
15. He loves to tag a long any where. He will just follow me around the house - it's cute :)

Still loving the laundry :) Now he is starting to hand me the clothes instead of throwing them!

Getting into mom's craft supplies.

Loves his new blocks. Thanks, yard sale :)

LOVE this face.

Sorry for all the pictures, but I just couldn't decide which were cutest :) Just as a note, the pictures from Central Park are his 9 month pictures, but I hadn't posted them yet. We love this kid.


  1. There is no mistaking who his mama is! Such a cutie.

  2. Don't say sorry for the pictures, you love being a mom, and we all love them- more the better. He is SOOO cute! Glad you are doing well. Such a beautiful, happy family :)

  3. What a beautiful happy little guy!! I love reading your descriptions of him and what he's up to—so cute :)

  4. He's seriously the cutest kid ever!


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