Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Beginning of Forever :)

So last Saturday was the best day of our lives - May 29th, 2010. We made it through the years of courtship and the what felt like years but were really just months of engagement to the altar in the LDS Temple in Louisville, KY. It was a beautiful and brief ceremony that brought us together officially as Mr. and Mrs. Krebs. The day was amazing from pictures at the Temple to the luncheon in beautiful downtown Lexington to a great reception at the Lexington Country Club. But the best part of everything was the support and love from all of our family and friends that made it to the reception and made the reception happen. We were so glad to share in so many memories :) and to be surrounded by everyone that we love so dearly. Thank you to all of you that made it such a beautiful day, whether you were directly involved or just attending the reception - thank you.