Saturday, July 18, 2015

Our trek out West: Party in Utah!

The Krebs cousins!

Spencer's First Birthday!

The Train Museum!

The beginning of Fall!

Kate is officially 10 months old! And is so close to walking! She is such a happy, spunky little girl. We keep journals about the kids and this is what I to Kate at 10 months:

You are such a happy and fun little girl. You are really learning how to get around these days. You have stood on your own for several seconds and have tried to take a step on your own as well. I can’t believe how fast you are growing up! You love to chat and it makes me smile so much. You love to wrestle with Jackson and to play with him. You love to snuggle with mom and suck your thumb when you are sad or tired. You have gotten to be a really good sleeper. You take two good naps and sleep through the night now. Thank you!!

You are such a happy and smiley girl. You love to play with books. You’ve just recently started to point at things in books and try to “read” what I’m reading by chatting. It’s so sweet. You love to pull clothes out of drawers and toys out of baskets :) You do great at just playing by yourself. You LOVE to take baths and play in the water.

We went to Evan's orchard with the Marcums and Grandpa and Grandma Krebs. We LOVE Evan's orchard. It is such a fun place to go in the fall! We love it.

A serious game of tic tac toe
Jack also started our own version of Joy School in the fall! Once a week for a couple of hours he got to play with some of his closest buddies from church (Cooper, Thomas and Matthew). He seriously loves it.

And then a bunch of random photos from this time :)

This kid is a serious acrobat.

At Chase's wedding!

These guys are the best of friends.

Kate's face. I die every time I see it.

Snuggles :)

haha! I have no idea what was in the bag, but clearly it was something good.

Wrestling together in the laundry. A favorite pastime!