Saturday, July 18, 2015

The End of Summer.

The last bit of summer!

We took a trip to Mimi's house in South Carolina to help her with a yard sale. The kids loved the change of scenery and getting to play with Mimi!
Pit stop on the road :)

Dirty wet bum while playing in the water table.
Mimi's pool is awesome :)

The Greenville Zoo!

We got to see Ken and Rachel and their cute little guy, Kenny while we were there!

A fun day at Monkey Joe's with the cousins!

Jack actually fell asleep eating pizza. This is the second time he's fallen asleep eating in the car :)
Pool time is the best!

We finally finished out bookself!!

Poor Miss Kate got a bad rash and was clearly unhappy about it.
But then she got better :)

Jack is such a good little helper. Especially when he gets to use special cleaning tools :)

Both of these boys got sick at the same time. It was a sad day in the Krebs house.

Snuggling this boy while he sleeps always brings tears to my eyes. So grateful to be his momma.
More pool days!!

We has a fun bonfire at Grandpa Woods house at the very end of the summer! We had a blast!

The Evans came to visit! Jack sure loves playing with his cousins!

No shirt, no shoes, no problem :)

Elsie and Katelyn :)
So, that's that. I'm posting about summer 2014 in summer 2015. Sigh. I'll catch up eventually.

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