Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Middle of Summer.

Some of our summer happenings, but mostly just random photos :)

Kate learned to get on to her knees and pull up at 7 months.

Jack's rocket/airplane. Love discovering these.

These two playing together seriously melts my heart.
July 4th weekend was so much fun. My mom came to town and we went downtown for lunch and the parade. Then we came home and did sparklers!

Love finding pictures like this on my phone that Jack takes :)

Chick-fil-A appreciation day :)

These two. Love 'em. A Sunday walk to the rock pile :)

Standing in her crib. This is when we lowered the mattress :)

"I just want to yay (lay) in the yun (sun)." I feel ya, Jack.

It doesn't get much happier than this girl.

Jack has amazing skills at dressing himself. And making messes :)

Another day at the pool!

I tried to take 8 month pictures of the kids because I hadn't really take any nice ones since she was a newborn. Whoops. Then the camera battery was dead, so I ended up taking photos with my phone, but they still turned out okay :)

More cousin play time :)

Melt. My. Heart.
My dad and Kathy helped me build my work bench! So. happy. I can't explain how awesome this work bench is. It. rocks.

This girl loves to pull magnets off the fridge :)

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