Sunday, June 24, 2012

7 months.

Jackson is officially 7 months old today. Man, the time flies. He just gets cuter and more fun the bigger he gets. Being a mom is the :)
Jackson playing with Roxy :)

He gets SO happy when he can stand up all on his own.

Some cool new things that Jack is doing these days:
1. Scratching his head. It's the cutest thing. He just found his hair and he likes to scratch at it and sometimes pull at it pretty hard.
2. Crawl around every where. He mostly scoots on one leg that he sits on and then pulls himself forward with the other one. It reminds me of his cute cousin, Grant. When he sees something he really wants (i.e. cords, plastic bags, trashcans...) he will do a full-on, hands and knees crawl.
3. Talking up a storm. He usually sticks with a form of "ba-ba" (i.e. "Blah-blah," "ah-ba," "bap-ba"). Sometimes it sounds like da-da, but I'm not really convinced yet.
4. He has the funniest "poop face." He gets really still, goes red in the face and grunts.
5. He just started pulling up on furniture a week or so ago. He's gotten pretty good at not bonking his head. He is away of the edges of the coffee table and he pulls up really slow and pulls his head back. Doesn't scare me quite so much.
6. He gets really spastic when he gets sleepy. He can't decide which toys to play with, drops everything and can't stop moving.
7. He LOVES water. He has learned to splash and laughs when he does it. He wasn't a huge fan of the ocean the first couple of days, but he got used to it and decided he loved it. The pool is also one of his favorite places.
8. Books. He loves when we read together. It's about the only time he will sit still in my lap.
9. Peek-a-boo. One of his favorite games.
10. Songs. Wheels on the bus is his favorite right now.
11. Making friends. He will chat it up and grin and just about anyone. Like Chuck said, Jack has really increased my social time. He's a friendly guy.
12. Cups. He still loves to chew on cups, drink out of cups, throw cups.
13. Bananas are still his favorite food, but he likes his sweet potatoes, apples, pears, oatmeal, mixed veggies and squash.
14. He loves to climb all over mom and dad. It's his first form of wrestling :)
15. Naps have gotten a little more complicated now that he can stand up in his crib. He riles himself up when I put him
16. He loves to be outside and go for walks.
17. Whenever he flops over or falls down he always looks up at me with the most concerned/confused face and lays there for a minute before he decides that he's okay.
18. He is SO happy. Pretty much all the time. Makes my day.
19. If we are eating, he stares down our food until we finally give him some or feed him some of his own baby food.
20. Okay, he's just so cute. And that's all I have to say.

Standing up in his crib = happy Jack and slightly worried mom.

He got his foot caught in his sleeper when he was rolling around with dad on the floor :)

Cuddling with papa :)

Playing in the sand for the first time!

Dad and Jack with matching shades.

So, I feel like the luckiest person on the planet. I have a fabulous husband who is a wonderful father and I have an adorable son who is so happy and makes my life a million times more fun than it used to be. It's pretty much awesome :) Happy Sunday, everyone :)