Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pingree Fun

So - We're officially cool, the 'newlywed' Pingrees invited us over for Christmas cookie decorating! We were honestly so excited to go hang out with the Pingrees and the Bells and it proved just as fun as you would imagine. The wives shook their heads a lot as the husbands made jokes that probably shouldn't have been made and the husbands admired their wives creativity in decorating sugar cookies. Christian made a great Turkey cookie named Kingston (he got eaten :( ). Honestly the only reason I am posting this right now if because I challenged Hayley to a blogging race (she's honestly incredible at it), if you don't believe me check it out.

Sorry - I'm not the best photographer, but that's Hayley and Chin :) The Pingrees (and the greatest couple)

The SPREAD!!! Thanks to the Pingrees for the cookie dough (8 hours in the fridge) and the Bell's for the icing - oh and Chin… for the thumb :)

The BELLS! You should see their Christmas tree - it has bells on it… clever!

Emily's creations - who knew you could be so creative… I did one of them, if you can pick it out you get an extra Christmas present! Any guesses?

All in all - it was a pretty magical evening… minus the episode at work when my water bottle deciding to explode on me (thanks for taking the picture Elder Walton).



Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Turkey Time!

So, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, I mean who doesn't like stuffing their face with scrumptiousness? Huge amounts of delicious food + awesome family and friends + an excuse to forget all school work and play games and party all weekend = COMPLETE BLISS.

Anywho, Chuck and I stuck around Provo because I was scheduled to work on Thanksgiving day.
So, the morning of Thanksgiving we headed over to the Morin household for basketball and last minute meal preparations. We ate our delectable meal at around noon, including the largest bowl of mashed potatoes I'd ever seen, two full turkeys, a giant batch of stuffing, salad, beans, and (my FAVORITE part) over 100 rolls! It was absolutely wonderful and we owe the Morin's big time for feeding us all the time. After stuffing our faces we lounged around and did a spelling bee (a new family tradition started by Aimee)! Bro. Morin asked us two questions while we were eating: 1. What are we grateful for this year? 2. What do we hope we can learn to appreciate more this coming year? I really enjoyed these two questions and how they made me think about my blessings. My answers were: 1. The holiday season and the joy and happiness that it brings to me, and 2. My family.

Chuck and I snuck out early to head back to Provo so I could get to work, but luckily, I was called off! Since Chuck was feeling pretty lousy (poor kid never gets sick, but just happened to catch a yucky cold the night before Thanksgiving) we headed back to our apartment so he could shower and take a long and much needed nap. I hoped in bed next to him and devoured every word of the second Harry Potter book. I decided that I needed to start reading books other than textbooks and since I've never read the Harry Potter books I thought it was an excellent place to start. I'm loving them!

After almost three hours of sleep, Chuck felt much better so we headed back over to the Morin home for fun and games! We had an awesome night of Nerts, speed scrabble, and Cranium! Thank you Morins!! (I'm sad that we didn't take ANY pictures with the Morins!)

Friday morning we headed up to Saratoga Springs for a Krebs party that Matt Krebs had planned, since he and Corinda were in town for Thanksgiving! We had an awesome time talking, eating, and playing games! It was fun for me to meet some of Chuck's family that I'd heard about but hadn't had the opportunity to meet yet. And this time we remembered our camera...

Gettin' some grub!

Playing Wits and Wagers-super fun game with fun people!

Aunt Val is such a sweet lady!
After a fun morning with the Krebs family, we followed Matt up to Logan to visit with Corinda and the Kelly family. Joseph and Ailya are getting so big!

Two cuties :)

Matt couldn't resist getting his family an early Christmas gift :)

Our last and final stop was Pocatello, Idaho to visit long-time family friends, The Kearls. The Kearls lived across the street from the Krebs in Lexington for as long as we can remember until they moved to Idaho four years ago. From the moment we arrived, we were eating delicious food and having wonderful conversation (I'd venture to say that Mima's known for her conversation skills). We spent the night and awoke Saturday morning for the Grand Tour of Pocatello, ID :) We saw Gary's practice, the high school at which Mima teaches, the Extreme Home Makeover house that was finished in August, Idaho State campus, and the Reservation! We ended our fabulous tour at ButterBurr's for a fabulous lunch. On our way home, we drove to the top of the mountain that the Kearls live on and checked out the spectacular view and beautiful homes.

After much convincing on Chuck's part, I agreed that we should skip our last leg of the trip to Rexburg (to visit Derek and Kayla Cooper), and head out of Pocatello on Saturday evening rather than Sunday afternoon due to a weather advisory for snow from Northern Idaho all the way down to Salt Lake City. We made it home Saturday evening, only to wake up this Sunday morning to almost a foot of snow! I'm glad Chuck listened to the spirit, and we made it home safe!

All in all, we feel extremely blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that love and support us. Our first Thanksgiving together was a blast and we can't wait for many many more!!

Jesse and Kim :)

Precious :)
Happy Marriage to Jesse and Kim who sealed the deal on November 19th, 2010! They are so adorable and we are so happy for them. Here's a few shots from the festivities :)

Poor Amby just had her wisdom teeth out the day before...ouchy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Also...Dating rocks.

Now, that I've put discussed my obsession with Nike gear, I figure I should probably confess a few of my other obsessions, one of which includes going out on the town with my super awesome husband :)

In the past couple weeks we've:
  • Been to two BYU concerts (Jazz Ensemble with Vocal Point and BYU Singers with Concert Choir)
  • Made delicious Reese's blizzards for only $2.19! (Thank you Smith's for making cheap "Frozen Dairy Dessert" and having cheap candy!)
  • Had plenty of wonderful dinner dates with awesome friends!
  • Been to a wonderful Halloween party (Thanks Milla and Austin!)
Moral of the story: Dating isn't only for the single kids.

The joys of 5th year coaching...

Okay, so I'm sitting in the the HFAC waiting for Chuck to finish with his barbershop rehearsal...and all I can think about is the marvelous surprise that made my day phenomenal. So, I was walking over to the RB to see Chuck in his diving class when I saw an old teammate. She gladly informed me that I had an entire stack of "issue" clothes and shoes in the Women's collegiate locker room.

"WHA???" That was exactly the noise that came out of my mouth. Who knew that 5th year seniors who've lost all their muscle and can't even do their sport remotely well anymore got issue clothes to make everyone THINK they're still good at sports?? Well, it's true. And it made my day to know that I'm now three workout shirts, a sports bra, a pair of sweat pants, a sweater, a pair of hot kicks, a pair of sandals, and a sweet BYU backpack richer :)

 Yay for Nike sponsored sports teams who give out sweet gear to old foggies like me :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

For rainy days...

You know that saying, "When it rains, it pours?" Well, it's been storming in my world this week and I'm really good at throwing myself pity parties. So, rough day number three I'm sitting at home trying to study and my husband comes homes with these: 

Isn't he the best? So, luckily I have a husband that lets me know that not everything is wrong in the world. I have an AWESOME family, GREAT friends, and a husband that makes me better every day. That's all a girl needs!

October Festivities!

Top Ten Favorites for October:

1. Andy (Chuck's cousin) and Mandy's wedding. ESPECIALLY the song that Andy wrote for her...when I figure out how to post it from Chuck's phone, I'll definitely do it!
They were just so adorably happy all day long :)

Decorating the car!!

2. Spending the afternoon at the Gardner Village in West Jordan, UT where we wondered around boutique shops and enjoyed the beautiful weather!
3. Going up to Bridal Veil Falls on a wonderful Sunday Evening with awesome friends. husband is pretty strong.

We love this spot!

Crepe party via skype :)

Big Emma came to play!

5. Hiking the Y!

It was a PERFECT day to hike the Y :)

We made it to the top JUST in time!

6. Carving SWEET pumpkins with our besties.

7. Curry dinner with our Fijian friends :)
8. Skyping with Meacy and Mary who went to visit my mom in South Carolina!
9. The wonderful sugar cookies that showed up on our door AND in our mailbox this month!
10. Our HEATER is officially on!! WOO HOO!

Love you all!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Off :)

We both got the Saturday off from work! Woo Hoo! It's a pretty exciting thing for us since we usually leave each other around noon and I get home from work at 10:30pm :)

So, what's new?

To be honest, nothing really.  We're taking a family history class together and have had some pretty exciting experiences coming to know our ancestors.  We're excited to figure out more! Chuck even stayed up until 4am last night researching my Dad's side of the family :)  That's our really exciting news :)
Other than that, I thought I would post some fun pictures of right before the wedding.  I was looking through wedding pictures today, so maybe I'm just being "all sentimental" like Chuck said, but here they are anyway :)
Got the Marriage License! 
My besties getting toes done with me the Friday before the wedding :)

Can I just say that the Krebs family and Julie Nichols are amazing for working so hard on these AWESOME cupcakes for the wedding?

Thanks for all the help!!

Chuck being all cute and playing with all the little ones at the BBQ at Dad's on Friday Night :)

My momma=one of the most amazing people in the world.  

Last photo as a single gal...yikes! ;)

We're MARRIED! Now, that's just crazy :)

We love you all and hope everyone is having a fabulous beginning of fall!