Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Also...Dating rocks.

Now, that I've put discussed my obsession with Nike gear, I figure I should probably confess a few of my other obsessions, one of which includes going out on the town with my super awesome husband :)

In the past couple weeks we've:
  • Been to two BYU concerts (Jazz Ensemble with Vocal Point and BYU Singers with Concert Choir)
  • Made delicious Reese's blizzards for only $2.19! (Thank you Smith's for making cheap "Frozen Dairy Dessert" and having cheap candy!)
  • Had plenty of wonderful dinner dates with awesome friends!
  • Been to a wonderful Halloween party (Thanks Milla and Austin!)
Moral of the story: Dating isn't only for the single kids.


  1. Glad to hear you are having fun! Makes us miss Provo. Enjoy it while you can.

  2. Enjoy the "child free" dating while you can... cause when you have to find and pay for a babysitter every time you go out, it makes dates a little more challenging. Glad you are living it up!!

    Congrats on all the BYU gear!!


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