Friday, May 30, 2014

A little update.

All my free time has virtually disappeared. Which means my blog posts are either nonexistent or random. So...buckle up :)

Here are just a few random photos of my kiddos that I absolutely love.
Easter photo :)

Bath time is infinitely more interesting with two :)

Checking out Mimi's chairs in her new office!

Melt my heart.

Supporting the Cats while driving home from S.C. during spring break.

My favorite. I hope they grow up loving each other like this.

Love love.

We love to have picnics outside :)

I was cooking dinner and peeked around to see that Jack had gotten another blanket and laid down next to Kate :)

Daddy snuggles!


Kate is such a happy girl. She loves to smile. She rarely laughs, but instead does this high-pitch yelp whenever she is really happy. It's hilarious. She is rolling all over the place and has just started to scoot her knees under her bum. She loves her brother. She watches his every move. Jack is the only one that can really get her to giggle nonstop. It's the cutest. She just tried her first foods the past couple days! A few pieces of corn and some pureed carrots and she seemed to enjoy both! She is definitely a thumb sucker. She's a great sleeper; 12 hrs at night with usually one feeding sometime in there plus three naps each day. She is wiggly. In fact, at her 6 month appointment the nurse said she was the most wiggly and talkative 6 mo. old she had ever seen. Then the doctor said pretty much the same and then added, "she must keep you busy!" I've never felt like she was any busier than Jack, so it doesn't seem crazy or hard (well...any harder than having a 6 mo. old and a 2 yr. old is "regularly"). We are all just a bunch of movers and shakers, I suppose.

Her smile seriously melts my heart. Like I have tears in my eyes thinking about it. Don't judge.
Watching March Madness!

First time rolling over!!

Easter with my girl :)

I love this.

And this.

I love that she sleeps kind like this more often than not.


Eating carrots for the first time! She grabbed the spoon to get it to her mouth faster :)


Jackson is one happy and crazy two and a half year old. He is currently loving all things water-reated, cutting/coloring/tearing paper, throwing balls and reading. We could read for days and days. My mom started telling Jack made-up stories at the beach and now he LOVES to listen to stories. He will sit next to me for 30 minutes at a time listening to made up stories about Iggy the lizard and Ian his owner and their adventures :) All the story-telling has already made a huge impact on his imagination or at least his expression of it. He used to "read" books to himself, but only ones that he had read before and he would repeat what he had memorized from us reading to him. Now, he will look at books that he's never read and make up stories by looking at the pictures. It was really cool to see how quickly he changed. Thanks, mom!! He's the only 2 yr. old I know that pays such close attention in the car to where we are going. We were driving downtown a few days ago to take Chuck to work and he said, "Are we taking daddy to school?" When we told him no, he asked, "Are we going to see Uncle Glen in the play when we was a pig?" (which was performed at the Opera House, to which we only took him to ONCE). Both of the those places are also downtown. I was floored. He knows in general where the library, the dr. office, the grocery store, Target and home are. He is the sweetest big brother. He dotes on Kate all the time. He will give her random hugs and kisses, bring her toys and sing her songs. A while ago I had laid Kate down on the floor so I could go change clothes in the bedroom, I heard Jack saying "Oh hi, miss Kate" and peeked around the door frame to make sure he was being gentle. He had laid down right next to her and had his arm around her belly and was snuggling up with her. It is these moments that I wish I could freeze and keep forever.

I love these kiddos so much. The make my life so full.
A nursing cover doubles as a sun shade. In case anyone was curious :)

Ice cream with Mimi :)


Chuck's computer and books were out on the desk and I walked in on Jack "wooking"

Homemade puff paint!

Food coloring + water + Aunt Leah = happy Jack

He could play in water all day long.

Painting with momma :)

Visiting a horse farm with Mimi!

Doing his new puzzle from Grandma Krebs wearing his Chick-fil-a hat...backwards.

The epitome of summer.

Playing in the rain with the best daddy in the world.

Pillow ramming with Dad :)

Eating crab with Aunt Leah!

He insisted on the goggles while playing in the sand :)

Love this family of mine :)
I know that was a random smattering of photos, but I decided it was better than not posting at all :) We've had a wondering spring and beginning of summer! Life sure is sweet.