Monday, July 11, 2011

Beginning Anew...

We have a blog? Oh yeah, we have a blog.

Chuck and I decided today that a blog is the best way that we can keep a family journal, so we are trying our best to actually use it!
So in order to catch everyone up on our lives, we will give you a quick run down of the things that have happened in the past six months:
·       Em got an internship with the Utah County Health Department in the Tobacco Prevention and Control program :)
·       We were hired as country directors for HELP International Fiji.
·       We went to Las Vegas to see Mountain West Voices (Chuck's barbershop choir) perform at a barbershop convention!
·       Chuck wrote 25 reasons why he loves me on hearts that he put all over the apartment :)
·       We took an impromptu trip to Arizona for Grant's baby blessing! It was a wonderful weekend with the Krebs fam :)
·       Chuck spent his last day teaching the missionaries at the MTC : /
·       We found out that we were having a baby!
·       Em graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science! The Woods family came out to celebrate with us :)
·       We moved out of our little basement apartment and headed to Fiji!
·       Planning sustainable programs to alleviate poverty!
Lots of crazy things have happened in the past six months, but we couldn't be happier with where we are right now. We feel so blessed to be in Fiji, to be having a baby, to be helping people change their lives here. We'll try our best to catch up on the more important matters in more detail later :)