Monday, July 30, 2012

Zion's National Park.

Oh, Utah, how I miss thee.

I'm realizing that there are a few adventures that I have skipped over on the blog. One of which was our fabulous trip to Zion's National Park the weekend before we left Utah. We traveled four hours south to Hurricane, Utah where we stayed with wonderful friends, Dev and Bri Morin. The let us crash their place for a few days while we explored Zion's National Park and the areas surrounding it.

Turtle face :)

Trying to grab the camera.
 Jackson did an awesome job in the car. Minus the last 30 minutes. Either way, he's still a great traveler :)

 We spent most of the day at Zion's National Park and enjoyed some beautiful hikes and scenery!

Zion's is absolutely amazing!

The little tyke fell asleep desperately hanging on to the baby carrier.


 This was our favorite hike. It was just past the long tunnel through the rock and looked out over a beautiful landscape. God's creations are so magnificent.

I was a little worried about Jack on this hike...

Fell asleep again :)
 Dev and Bri live really close to a golf course that has a little hike close to it that's beautiful! That evening after a wonderful dinner we headed over to check it out.
Evening hike with Dev, Bri, Kohl and Londyn!

Bri stayed with Jackson during his morning nap and we took cute Kohl for a hike :)

He loved his sticks!

Such  a fun time with such an awesome family!
 On our way out of town we were able to meet Chuck's mission President and his wife, the Ostlers, for lunch! It was so nice to spend time with them and for Jackson to meet them!
Jackson meets Pres. and Sis. Ostler!
It was a short but sweet trip. Thanks to everyone who helped make it wonderful! We miss you, Utah.

2 years and going strong.

I'm a terrible wife. Or at least incredibly forgetful. I can't believe I haven't blogged about our 2 year anniversary...that was in May. Whoops. So...
May 29, 2010: The beginning of forever

Chuck and I have officially been married for 2 years! We were married on May 29, 2010, one of my favorite days. ever. Since Mom Krebs birthday is on the 29th, we decided to celebrate the Saturday before. And because Chuck planned our one year anniversary in Fiji, it was my turn to plan our anniversary. Of course, how could I top a resort in Fiji? But, I tried.

I mean, really, does it get much better?
Awesome Anniversary.

I wanted to reflect on our first two years of marriage and so I tried to plan activities that were memorable for us and that stood for different stages of our marriage.

First, Jackson and I got up and made breakfast for Dad in bed. He was really happy to be able to sleep in on Saturday (He usually wakes up early with Jack so I can sleep in...reason #4,578 why I love my husband). I had made Chuck breakfast in bed on our honeymoon for his birthday. So, in order to honor our honeymoon, I did it again.

Breakfast in bed.

 Second, we went over to mom's townhouse and went for a walk around the sidewalk path. The original plan was to go to Jacobsen Park, but we decided to stay close to air-conditioning since it was pretty hot outside. We went for a walk to commemorate our first year of marriage. Our first year was full of, well, firsts. Starting our first holiday traditions, having sleepovers in the living room during the Christmas season, traveling all over, and plenty more :)

Third, we went to lunch at the Lexington Country Club, where we held our reception. It was fun to go back in time to our wedding day and relive some of the wonderful memories. (Thanks to Grandma Woods for hanging out with Jackson!)

 Fourth, we cooked a staple dish in the Krebs home: Yellow Curry. This is a favorite of ours and represents us well. We used this time to celebrate our second year of marriage. We graduated from BYU, had our beautiful son, went to Fiji for four months, got into UK Law, and moved to Kentucky! Our second year was quite eventful.

Lastly, we flashed back to our teenage years when we first met. We watched a movie at home to commemorate our first date on July 20th, 2004. That date was the start of a forever friendship that has blossomed into a beautiful marriage.

I was telling Chuck just a few days ago how much we have grown into each other. When we first got married I thought I couldn't love a person any more than I did at that moment. I was wrong. My love has grown and multiplied a million times over since that day. I was looking through a "love box" that I made for Chuck for Christmas 2010 where I wrote 100 reasons why I loved him. I realized that I had so many different and new reasons why I love him now. I'm so grateful to be married to a righteous, loving, ever-happy, helpful, out-going, talkative, funny and forgiving husband. He's a pretty awesome Dad and husband if you ask me :)

Bring on year number three!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sarah + Perryn.

On June 30th 2012, Sarah and Perryn committed themselves to eachother.  It was a fabulous time with family and friends! We got to spend tons of time with the Michigan crew (my dad's side of the family) and they got to meet Jackson for the first time!

Cousin Emma reading to Jack

The cousins loved feeding Jack!
Meeting Jackson for the first time.

The ceremony. They did such a great job decorating!

Hangin' with David

and trying to steal his water bottle

Jackson got to see his buddy Ben again!

The cake

The ceremony

Hanging out by the was hot!

Their backyard looked fantastic.

He got dad pretty good.

Emma and Andrew Conniff


The Krebs fam. Please forgive Jack's face. He was seriously ready for a nap.

Petting Roxy :)


Congrats, Sarah and Perryn! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.