Wednesday, July 25, 2012

8 months.

Our little man is officially 8 months old as of July 24th, 2012. He's pretty much the best.
Sometimes he likes to eat the pages...

Reading with Grandma Krebs :)
 What the little man is up to these days:

1. He can get into anything and everything and LOVES that he can. The other day he was pulling out all the wipes from the container and eating them.
2. He can walk around the furniture now. Which means we have replaced the coffee table with the ottoman. I think this has returned my blood pressure to healthy range.
Lovin' Grandma's coffee table.
3. He loves paper and ripping it to shreds. Unfortunately he likes to eat it too.
4. He has a thing for cords. Computer chargers, phone chargers, lamp cords, anything will do.
5. If I walk away from him while he is playing he follows after me, usually complaining a little bit too.
6. The only time he sits still is when he discovers a new toy (usually something he isn't supposed to have) and when we read to him (most of the time).
7. He is a speed demon these days. 
8. He loves when we sing to him and sometimes he tries to sing along.
9. He can keep a pretty good beat on a table by banging his hand, but he usually gets distracted easily :)
10. He likes to remove things one by one. He will pull the magazines off Grandpa Woods' tables, pull clothes out of laundry baskets or drawers, pull his toys out of the basket, or the Tupperware. All one by one.
He LOVES the Tupperware drawer :)
11. He has gotten really good at using his sippy cup.
12. He hasn't quite figured out how to feed himself finger foods, but he's trying. They usually just get stuck on his hand and he can't get them in his mouth.
13. He blows bubbles, usually while he's eating.
14. The poor little guy had double ear infections again this month, although they weren't as bad as last time.
15. He likes to make noise. Usually he just sort of yells, but sometimes he gets chatty with "ba-ba" "ah-ba" "da" and "ga" noises.
16. He still cuddles when he's sleepy...and I love it.
17. Loving cups still and the noise it makes when he talks into them.
18. He has graduated to the big kid tub and likes to play in the water.
19. When he finds something new he really studies it and turns it over in his hands.
20. Sometimes he spots things under the couches or crib and he leans down really low to the ground to see it and tries to get it. It's really cute. 
21. He is soo happy when he wakes up and that makes me so happy :)

"Don't mind me. I'm just chillin'"

Playing with my cousins.

Man, does this guy love to go for walks.
He is so fun. He makes our lives infinitely more exciting. Whatever did we do before?

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  1. he is too cute! that tupperware picture is priceless.


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