Friday, July 20, 2012

Sandy toes.

June 9-16. Beach Week 2012.

As always, in June of this year, we gathered with my family and three other families for a week of fun in the sun. We gathered at Edisto Island this year and everyone made an appearance at some point during the week! Even the newest member of the beach crew :)

Grandma and Jack chillin' on the beach.

Discovering the sand for the first time.

Not a huge fan of the waves at first.

Em and Andy rockin' out.

The audience.

Jackson's best buddy.

Yep, Jack made it out in the ocean on a boogie board, I was on the verge of a heart attack the whole time.

That's a Kentucky boy.

The "kids crew" minus Bryan and the O'Sullivans.

Man, he's a happy kid.

Trying to sneak the sand into his mouth.

Aunt P did his hair into a mohawk. He looks pretty GQ if you ask me :) 

Annette made him some adorable hats! And he OBVIOUSLY loves them.

The Krebs family :)

Some of our favorite things:
1. Watching Jackson discover the beach for the first time.
2. Playing catch phrase with the whole crew. 
3. Being on the ever-losing catch phrase team.
4. Going on Bike rides around Edisto Island.
5. Seeing a man in homemade "shock" tennis shoes yell, "150 pts.!" every time he swung his club (swung, not hit) at the driving range.
6. Laying in the sun.
7. Reading wonderful books (except The Pilot's Wife...horribly depressing).
8. Eating DELICIOUS food.
9. Trying out some new baking recipes on the beach crew.
10. Long porch chats.
11. Going on our customary beach walks.
12. Spending so much time with family and friends.

Until next year!

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  1. oh my goodness...Jackson is getting so big!!!! Miss you guys!!!


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