Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Catch up: Fun in the Sun 2010

It's true!  We're making the drive back to good ole' Kentuck this Thursday...after we take our horrific finals, of course :)  We're so excited to see our family, it's crazy! This is probably why I'm blogging about going home in the middle of writing an essay outline...whoops :)

Anywho, we're still playing catch up from our summer excursions, so here's one of our favorites!  Every summer Em's family and a bundle of life-long friends converge on various South Carolina beaches for a week of relaxation, body surfing, sand castle building, reading, beach walking, scrabble playing, and lots of laughing! This year, Editso Island was our destination :)
First day on the sand=happy!
The crew :)
Every year there are always a few intense games of scrabble.  Bananagrams is our new favorite! Pat will kick trash every time :)
We love us some crab :) Caught with our own nets!
The other adorable newlyweds :)
Can ya tell we were on vacation?
Awesome things we did:
1. Crabbing (Chuck's first time) in pluff mud :)
2. Boat tour around the island
3. Ate amazing food
4. Watched breath-taking sunsets
5. Played catchphrase with the kids and adults=most hilarious game ever.
6. Late night taboo wars
7. Long walks on the sand
8. Rob's award winning chocolate cookies=HAPPINESS
9. Reading good books
10. Relaxing and enjoying God's creations and our amazing family and friends!