Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pingree Fun

So - We're officially cool, the 'newlywed' Pingrees invited us over for Christmas cookie decorating! We were honestly so excited to go hang out with the Pingrees and the Bells and it proved just as fun as you would imagine. The wives shook their heads a lot as the husbands made jokes that probably shouldn't have been made and the husbands admired their wives creativity in decorating sugar cookies. Christian made a great Turkey cookie named Kingston (he got eaten :( ). Honestly the only reason I am posting this right now if because I challenged Hayley to a blogging race (she's honestly incredible at it), if you don't believe me check it out.

Sorry - I'm not the best photographer, but that's Hayley and Chin :) The Pingrees (and the greatest couple)

The SPREAD!!! Thanks to the Pingrees for the cookie dough (8 hours in the fridge) and the Bell's for the icing - oh and Chin… for the thumb :)

The BELLS! You should see their Christmas tree - it has bells on it… clever!

Emily's creations - who knew you could be so creative… I did one of them, if you can pick it out you get an extra Christmas present! Any guesses?

All in all - it was a pretty magical evening… minus the episode at work when my water bottle deciding to explode on me (thanks for taking the picture Elder Walton).