Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Beginning of Summer!

Here I go again. A random collection of pictures that illustrates the beginning of our summer :)

The "unofficial" first day of summer = first day Jack got in his little pool...with all his clothes still on!

Playing with Devin and Bri Morin for a day in Louisville! They watched our kiddos for us so we could go to the temple and then fed us a delicious dinner! Love these guys.

Bike Lexington! It was fun to bike as a whole family for a few miles around Lexington and then hang out downtown.

We spent a lot of days at the library doing fun activities and we spent a lot of time with our awesome cousins :)

I sent Jack to his room after bath to get underwear and PJs. He came back to me still naked, wearing a santa hat and carrying the scriptures. haha. I love this kid.

Pillow fights with Uncle Glen!

I have no idea what this cake is from. But that is one happy kid.

Painting time!

Loved getting to sit in the grass!

Dressing up like Daddy :)
We spent many a morning at the children's garden at the arboretum. Such a beautiful and fun place to explore!

One summer evening we were eating a dessert outside right before bed. Jack got his dream and got to swim in the pool in his clothes when he was supposed to be sleeping :)

Lots of days at the pool :)
At the last minute, I decided to fly to Utah with Kate for a dear friend's wedding. I'm so glad I decided to go! I got to hang out with wonderful friends and play with my family! It was an awesome trip - thanks to Chuck and Mom Krebs who took care of the little guy for me and thanks to Nicole and David for all the rides and to the Bays for hosting me!
John and Lucy hung out with this little one during the sealing!

Love these guys!

Happy wedding day to Monica and Mike!

Seriously loved hanging out with these girls.

The next generation of besties :)

LJ, Spencer and little Laney

Cousin loves.

Little Glen got his eagle scout!! Woo hoo! Jack still talks about this and how we sang America the beautiful :)

Yay for summer!

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