Monday, October 31, 2011

My favorite day. Part I.

May 29, 2010.
Getting ready and the temple :) 

So, we got our wedding photos, thanks to my lovely sister Sarah Woods. We wanted to share them with you! However, because there's so many good ones, it'll have to happen over a series of blogs. So, please, enjoy :)

My lovely sister Sarah helping to do my hair and make-up.

She did such an awesome job.

The beautiful Louisville, Kentucky temple :)

All our wonderful family and friends who joined us at the temple!

Our beautiful friends.

Leah and Em, we're a little silly.

Sarah and Em.

I have great sisters.

And so happily ever after begins :)

SO happy to be married!

What a stud.

Bestie Nicole :)

Momma and Papa Krebs

Momma Woods

Papa Woods

Our favorite photo :)

My handsome groom :)

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  1. You guys look great!!!! love them all! great job Sarah!


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