Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Wedding and Reception :)

Well - on Thursday morning Em and I took the red-eye to Kentucky for my big sister Laura's wedding! The trip was incredibly refreshing however the flight was horrible. Remember to never book a red-eye flight so you can spend more time with your family - just miss more school and get sleep in a bed, not a plane.

We'll blog about our Thanksgiving (we celebrated some holidays out of order this year) festivities with the Bay/Krebs bunch, we just wanted to get some pictures up from the festivities. Friday night was the reception and Saturday morning was the wedding. It was a great time with family - we just wish we could have gotten there a little earlier to enjoy Christmas, Halloween and Independence day with the grandkids! 

Coming out of the temple - a beautiful ceremony :)

Not the last kiss of the day...

Me and my big sis - "Maybe now the family will think I'm older than you..." - Laura Bay

They got their marriage license :)

Ben and TyTy, so stinkin' awesome.

The girls - Aliya and Emma Margaret

The three eldest Marcums - Jacob, Josh, Sarah

Laura made it to the reception - the nieces love it!

Matt playing with Jojo.

Little brothers - miss you Elder Krebs

Both families - sans spouses.

The Krebs Kids

Parents pic.

Sibling love :) Aliya and Jojo

More love...

Multiply and replenish - all the nieces and nephews!

Cute Ben :)

prize winning photograph - Little WillBill...

always happy...

Sisters :)

Mom and boy :)

The Krebs fam... one of them at least.

look at will...

These brothers love each other :)

Fun at the reception!

Happy and radiant - Laura is gorgeous, Tom complements her beauty well!

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  1. aw those pictures are amazing! looks like a beautiful ceremony!!



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