Sunday, November 13, 2011

Husband of the Century

That's right, there is a Husband of the Century award. And I'll tell you why Chuck deserves it...

Awesome things my husband does:

1. While I was away in Kentucky/South Carolina playing with my family and having a grand ole' time, my husband was eating frozen burritos, going to class, applying for Law schools and working. When I finally came back to Utah, he had a lovely little surprise waiting for me in our incredibly clean apartment when I got home:
My new favorite piece of furniture!

We had been discussing getting a rocker for when little peanut arrives, but weren't really sure if it was worth it. But let me tell you, it's the most comfortable seating in our house currently and I'm sure it will make all the difference at 3am when our little guy gets hungry!

2. Chuck is a pretty busy guy. And when I say pretty busy, I mean he's booked almost every day from morning until evening. He's a full-time student, works part-time, is a Program Director for Community Outreach Day (a service program through BYU), is the Vice President of Professional Development for the PRSSA chapter at BYU, is "Joseph" in the Savior of the World Production that our Stake is putting on for Christmas, works in the Bradley Lab (an "internship" type experience for PR students who work for real clients, but don't get paid. Bummer) and is the Executive Secretary in our ward. All in all, he's got a pretty full plate. But, he still finds time to:
  •  Eat dinner with me almost every night.
  • Take me out on awesome dates on the weekends.
  • Do the dishes.
  • Help me reorganize something that we've already reorganized...without complaining.
  • Watch TV shows with me at night even though he doesn't really have time.
AND, when he comes home after a twelve hour day and I tell him that I slept until 11am, didn't go to the gym because I was too tired, only made quesadillas for dinner because I didn't feel like standing up for that long and only did one scrapbook page even though our front room is covered in scrapbook junk...he just smiles and kisses me and says, "It's so good to see you." 

3. I'm getting to the point where almost every position is uncomfortable and my fat feet hurt all the time. Wanna know what he does? Gives me foot massages and back massages. The best part? I don't even ask.

4. Chuck writes the press releases for BYU Communications, specifically the Arts releases. One of the perks is that he gets free tickets to any arts show on campus! So, this weekend he took me to the BYU Singers and Concert Choir show--a beautiful concert. We went to the matinee showing and hung out on campus afterwards, checking out the BYU Bookstore goodies and grabbing subway sandwiches for dinner. That same day, we went to the evening showing of "White Christmas." It was an absolutely fantastic performance and I highly recommend it to anyone in the area :) So, he's pretty great and taking me out on dates.

We tried to take this picture approximately 14 times...this was our best shot :)
The lovely show :)

5. While the list could go on...quite literally forever, I'll just end by saying that he is one of the most patient and caring people on the planet. He listens to me complain about inconsequential things and doesn't make fun, he lets me put my feet on him whenever we are watching a movie on the couch because it's more comfortable for me, he lets me lean on his shoulder during church even when the heat is on and it's miserably hot, he says that everything I cook is delicious (which we all know cannot possibly be true), he tells me I'm beautiful almost everyday even though I mostly feel like a fat cow, most of all he shows me that he loves me in all the most fantastic and simple ways that a husband should.

And the Husband of the Century award goes to...
So, the Husband of the Century? Definitely Chuck Krebs.

Thanks Chuck for being one of the best people I know. And for marrying me. That was pretty awesome too :)


  1. Matthew's mission president made the missionaries say a phrase at all mission meetings: "Happy wife, Happy life." Sounds like Chuck knows that principal. So glad for both of you. The award is inspiring. Looking forward to bringing dinner on the 8th. Hugs to all three of you.

  2. Love it! Chuck is very impressive! go charles way to treat you lady right!

  3. that last comment was actually used my computer to login....whoops....i'm positive they'd agree though! ~love, nicole (for real)


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