Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We bleed blue.

In Lexington, Kentucky you're either a Wildcat fan or you keep your mouth shut. Luckily, Chuck and I both grew up in families who are the former :) By age seven we were watching the games and by age ten we could rattle off the Wildcat Basketball starting line-up.

Chuck Krebs as a little guy sporting his UK gear :)

The 1998 National Championship game was one of the highlights of my childhood. Ask Chuck any question about Kentucky basketball and he probably knows the answer or can find it in under a minute. If there's a game on, we're either watching it or religiously checking the score. So, as you can see, our families have passed on their love for UK ball to us :)

The only use for our computer during March Madness.
On that note, we are SUPER excited for our wildcats this year and for their explosive start against Marist and Kansas! Woo Hoo!

There really is nothing like being a Kentucky Wildcat fan.


  1. The game was SOOOO good last night!!! Can't wait to watch the games with you all again this year (and introduce my fiancé to our craziness!)

  2. For the record, that game on the computer is UCONN v. Butler, which should have been UK v. Butler...... GO BIG BLUE

  3. I think some more Provo Wildcat fan parties are in order!

  4. I am pretty sure Jeff shed a tear or two when he read your post. Go CATS!!


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