Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Craft #2: Gratitude Collector

I'm a pinterest lover. It's true. Mainly because I get some really awesome craft ideas and recipes from it. I found this cute little Thanksgiving jar that I decided to do for Thanksgiving!

CRAFT: Gratitude Collector
COST: $0 (if you have a few colorful papers and a jar!)
CRAFTING TIME: 30 minutes - 1 hour (depending on your degree of perfectionism....)

1. Find a glass jar around the house. An Adams PB jar, spaghetti jar or old mason jar would all work. I used a spaghetti sauce jar that we had just finished with the night before.

2. Next, I picked out a few "Thanksgiving" colored scrapbook papers and measured out how much I needed for them to wrap around the jar. I started wtih a base color of red and then built on top of that. 

3. I put each piece onto the jar one at a time, but in hindsight, it would be much easier to build the whole cover and then put the whole thing on the jar at once. So for my jar, I did a red paper underlay with a orange cardstock on top. Then I did brown ribbon around the center. Next I used sticker letters on brown cardstock to create the phrase: "Give Thanks." I cut out each letter individually and pasted them (with glue dots) around the jar. 

4. Next, I traced the lid size onto brown cardstock and then measured the side with orange cardstock and covered the ugly blue lid. 

5. Lastly, I made a folded ribbon bow for the top! These are easy bows to make, especially for pretty gift wrapping. Just fold the ribbon back and forth on top of it's self to create loops. Hold the middle of the loops (so there are loop stacks on either side of your fingers). Cut a small slit on either side of the ribbon where your fingers are at a diagonal angle. Tie a smaller ribbon through the slits. Then pull and twist the loops up into a bow! Viola!

We write what we are thankful for each day on a little piece of paper and will read them all at Thanksgiving dinner! 

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  1. Too cute! I think that I could handle this craft-thanks for the idea :)


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