Thursday, November 3, 2011

My favorite day. Part III.

May 29, 2010.
The Reception :)
Daddy walking me in.

The Ring Ceremony. Thanks, Drew Millar!

Cute Sarah Marcum.


Greeting all of the wonderful people who came to celebrate with us!


So in love.

So sweet :)

Grandpa and Emma :)

Ben and Chuck breaking it down!

Garter Toss.

My beautiful mother.

Adorable Ben Krebs.

Miss Aliya and Aunt Laura :)

So fun :)

My beautiful bridesmaids :)

Emma catches the bouquet!

The reception line :)

Beautiful table decor by Suzi Hjorth!

Delicious treats thanks to Julie Nichols and Momma Krebs and others!

Ale8: The best drink around.

Beautiful bouquets: Thanks Suzi Hjorth!

Mary and Emma Witt: Long time neighbors and lifelong friends.

Orchids are my favorite.

Suzi did such a wonderful job.

My wonderful Michigan family!

Cute cousins: Olivia Parker, Emma and Andrew Conniff


Decorating our car: Thanks guys!

Cake time!

Whoops :)

Tasha Sharer and Lauren Cubine: my redheaded buddies :)

Emma playing with her Papa!

Momma and Papa Krebs dance the night away :)

Momma Woods and the groom :)

Andrew dancing with his mom!

:) I love Monica and Matt.

So adorable!

Throwing the bouquet!

Way to go, Em!

Tossing the garter.

Out of all the boys there, he did get married next :)

Our wonderful friend, James who manned the music for us!

So happy :)

And we're off! Thanks for partying with us!

Thanks for being a part of and joining us for our wonderful wedding day. So many people helped to make it perfect and we really appreciate it. That day has proven a springboard into the most fabulous year and a half we could have asked for...and it just keeps getting better and better :)

P.s. If you're looking for an awesome photographer, check out Sarah Woods. If you're looking for an awesome florist, check out Suzi Hjorth. If you're looking for an awesome seamstress, check out Avenia Bridal. I think that's all my recommendations for now :)

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  1. haha oh goodness there's a picture of us dancing!


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