Saturday, February 8, 2014

Truly Blessed.

Katelyn Donnia Krebs was given a name and a blessing on Sunday, February 2nd. She truly is a wonderful little girl with such an infectious smile. I'm so grateful to be her momma! Lots of family came to support little Kate: Grandma Woods, Grandpa Woods and Kathy, Aunt Leah, Grandpa and Grandma Krebs, Uncle Glen, Uncle Matt and Aunt Corinda, Aliya, Jojo and Elsie. Thanks to our wonderful family for joining us! I'm bummed we didn't get a picture of everyone together, but our little girl sure is loved by many.

In our church we give our babies "blessings." This means that worthy priesthood holders take a baby in their arms and give them their name and a blessing. We believe that the priesthood holder who is giving the blessing (Chuck) acts as a voice for Heavenly Father. Sweet Kate was blessed with "an abundance of moral strength," to "be teachable and obedient, but most of all kind." She was blessed to be an example of kindness to those she meets. She was blessed to look to the women in our family who went before her and to follow their righteous examples. I'm so grateful for our sweet little girl and the joy she brings to our family :)

I love my family.

This smile melts my heart.

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