Friday, February 7, 2014


Merry Christmas! We had such a wonderful Christmas holiday with family and friends. We got to spend lots of time with family in Kentucky and in South Carolina because Chuck had over three weeks off of school (I'm going to miss holiday breaks once Chuck graduates!). We headed to South Carolina on the 23rd and drove through the night. We spent Christmas morning through the 30th at my mom's house. We had tons of fun with Mom, Leah, Sarah and Perryn and the Conniff family and Aunt Karen who came down to S.C. from Michigan! 

Christmas Eve!

This is the best we could get :) Christmas PJs!

Kate gave me an amazing Christmas gift - SLEEP! She slept 7 hours :)

Reading his new Christmas book on Christmas eve. One of my favorite traditions.
Christmas morning!

Bath crayons from Aunt Sarah and Aunt P!

Wrestling with Daddy in his sleeping bag :)
Adventures with the Michigan Crew!

Outdoor games!

Opening gifts with the Michigan crew.

Emma got Kate to sleep!

Jackson LOVED playing with his cousins.

Watching "Jake the Pirate" together :)

The ride home!

Christmas with Dad and Kathy! Jackson loved to help people open their gifts :)

Jack's car toy from Grandpa and Kathy!

The boys. Just watching the game.
Some cute things Jack did over the break:

1. Playing Beyblades with Andrew :)
2. When opening presents he would say, "Oh my! Oh my!"
3. He would remember what we had got people and new what packages they were and would tell them before they opened them! I was impressed with his memory and made a mental note to wrap presents while Jack is sleeping next year :)
4. He opened Kate's presents for her and got so excited for her and would give them to her :)
5. He had so much fun with Emma and "Annew." Watching them play together was so fun.

We had a fantastic Christmas and I feel so grateful for all of the blessings we have. Especially for our wonderful family.

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