Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We did a few fun things for Halloween this year and Jack LOVED it. He loved picking out his costume and wearing it, but most of all he loved the CANDY!

Ward Halloween Trunk-or-Treat:
Unfortunately I only got this photo since Chuck was out of town and the Young Women Organization (where I served at the time) was in charge of the activity! Special thanks to Leah who came with me!
 Library Halloween Party! This was such a cute idea. There was singing and book time and then the kids got to walk around the library and "knock on doors" (cardboard boxes) to get candy from the sweet library workers behind them! I am so grateful for public libraries.

Jack got picked to come hold a ghost, but didn't speak up loud enough to get one. He was a little bummed :(

Trick-or-treating for the first time! We went with Matt and Corinda and the kiddos in their neighborhood, which was super fun. Jack got very good at saying "twik o tweat!" and "tanks!"

This is the face of an excited little boy.

Cute little Elsie, the lady bug!
Belle and Lighting McQueen (ie. Aliya and Jo jo) were a little too fast and excited for any photos! Coming home and chowing down on candy was also pretty fun too :)

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