Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kate's Nursery

I finally snapped some photos of Kate's nursery! This time around I was much more diligent about getting a space ready than I was with Jack. To be fair, Jack didn't have his own room until he was 8 months old (when we moved into my mom's town home). However, my nesting instinct took over and I insisted that Kate have her own nursery (in the guest room/sun room). She hasn't slept in here yet, but don't say that to Chuck, he'll just sigh and say nesting is "definitely a real thing." :)

Check it out!

Kate's wall art from Mom :) (I used this tutorial for the pinwheels!)

 Her room serves as both a nursery and a guest room! The shutters are extras we had from the master room headboard. I was lazy and just set them up behind the bed :) The bedding was what my mom had when she lived here. I think I'm planning on getting a white duvet and making it more simple with some fun bright pillows to match Kate's bedding. Any thoughts? Also, ignore the ugly table lamp. I bought that at a yard sale when we first got married and haven't updated it yet. And, ignore the random stool. We have lots of random furniture that I don't know what to do with. So it went there.

The crib and changing table were what we used with Jack. My mom also left that little white storage cabinet in the linen closet, so I stole that to use for more storage. This room doesn't have a closet and a it's a girl's bedroom. Poor planning on my part, I know. Who knew babies could have so many accessories?  Ignore the bright bouncy chair and play mat. I tried putting them away but Jackson insisted on getting them out every time I changed Kate's diaper. So, now they stay out :)

I made Kate's bedding myself. That's right. Me and a sewing machine. Pretty proud of my self (but please don't look too closely). The crib skirt was super easy - I used this tutorial. I almost ripped the blanket apart a few times (or threw it out the back door), but it eventually came together! (I followed this tutorial with a few alterations).

 Those double doors lead to our bedroom. Super convenient!

 This is where the magic happens. But, really. That basket on the left is FULL of baby blankets that were given - so thoughtful!

This chair is an old family heirloom. The blanket laying on top was lovingly made by Grandma Krebs.

If anyone has ideas for the walls where the twin bed is, I'd love to hear them! I'm at a loss for what to put there. A mix of prints and photos for a nice gallery wall is what I've been thinking as of late.

Thanks for checking it out!

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