Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jack's big boy room.

Jack has officially graduated into boy hood with a twin bed and new bedding! And I finally got his room all put together. He's only 2 years old...right? 

Check it out!

I used my Christmas money to buy new sheets, bedding and that fabulous rug for the little man. And I love it. Thank you, Target for fulfilling all my shopping needs.

 Since we stole all of Jack's furniture (his dresser and crib) for little Kate, we bought this simple dresser at Ikea for a whopping $70.00. I slapped some Kona stain on there and it works like a charm!

Side note: I wish Ikea was in Lexington - I'm truly in love. Although, I don't think my budget and Ikea would be conducive in such close proximity. Sigh.

I painted and framed these little guys to match Jack's crib bedding and they still work great with his new stuff. YAY!

Closet, clock (also a Target find) and Jack's beloved bookshelves. I'm planning on adding a few more bookshelves since his books seem to multiple by the day. What can we say, we are a book loving bunch.

That lovely little rocker is what Chuck got me as a surprise right before Jackson was born. It travelled all the way here from Utah! And that cute orange owl pillow was a gift from Grandma Woods.

I finally made a piece of art for Jack's room too. He was really excited, which melted my heart.

The tree decal was something I got with a groupon when we first moved in. Do you spy all the stuffed animals hiding in the corner over there? They are usually covering his whole bed. In fact, I pretty much had to bribe him to leave them off the bed long enough to let me take photos.

His name letters used to be brown and orange, but with the addition of navy blue into his room, I decided to redo the letters too! He even helped me paint them, which he was also extremely excited about :)

 One of his favorite spots in the house. He was reading to his teddy because "teddy bear don't know words."

I really love how everything has turned out, even if it did take quite a while to pull it all together :)

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  1. HOLY COW!!! Em it all looks so amazing!!! You are seriously talented! And I can't get enough of the baby loves!! She is a doll!! :) Enjoy!


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