Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two months.

This little guy is two months old today!

January 24, 2011: two months!
January 24, 2011: Just hanging out with mom

Our little snow bunny is all tuckered out after a walk :)

On Friday, January 20th, Jackson had his two month doctor visit! Here are the new stats:

11 lbs 3 oz (44th percentile)
22.4 in. (31st percentile)
15.5 in. head circumference (35th percentile)

He's up from the 6-7 percentile range for all his stats since he was born. We're pretty proud of how much he has grown :)
Watching the UK game with mom and dad
Just chillin' in the bath tub :)
Love that cute belly!

Some new things about little Jackson:
  1. He loves bath time. He relaxes with his hands on his belly or up by his head with a furrowed brow the whole time.
  2. Chuck has discovered that if you blow on his face he jumps, his eyes pop open and he breathes in really quickly.
  3. he is a grunter by all accounts. 
  4. He LOVES the swing that Tam and Greg gave him. He sleeps in it every night.
  5. He loves to stand on mom or dad's lap.
  6. Bouncing is his favorite. Whenever he gets a little fussy, I sing "trot, trot to Boston" and bounce him on my lap and he calms right down.
  7. He is not a fan of poopy pants. As soon as he goes, he lets us know.
  8. He can hold his head up on his own for the most part.
  9. The pictures in books fascinate him.
  10. He often looks up at the ceiling or wall whenever we are holding him.
  11. Sometimes he will look at us with "sideways" eyes and it's hilarious. He's already got the stink eye down :)
  12. He doesn't like to be left alone. If he wakes up or if he's been hanging out on his own for too long he lets me know he wants to be held and that solves the problem :)
  13. We used the kitchen aid last night and he was fascinated by the sound.
  14. Almost anytime we lay him on the floor in front of the space heater, he passes out within minutes.
Love him.
I love his "what is going on?" face
Like father like son.
 All in all he's a pretty stellar fella :)

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