Friday, January 20, 2012

6 hours.

6 hours is a long time.

It's how long Ibuprofen claims to last. It's driving distance from Lexington, KY to Anderson, SC. It's the amount of time it takes the crock pot potato soup to cook. It's one fourth of a day.

It's how long Jackson sleeps at night.

I can't tell you how blessed I feel that he's already started to sleep through the night. Especially since I'm one of those grumpy don't talk to me kind of sleep-deprived people.

Some other really awesome things that Jackson is doing:

  1. Smiling at me :) Okay, he's only done it twice, but it was the happiest moment to date.
  2. Starting to make some more interesting noises.
  3. You can always tell when he's about to sneeze because his eyes get really big and the corners of his mouth turn down. It's definitely a "freak out" face :)
  4. He can follow me with his eyes.
  5. He LOVES to stretch his arms over his head and arch his back.
  6. He has learned to swat at my hand when I'm trying to clean gunk out of his eyes or nose.
  7. Sometimes he thinks he is going to sneeze but it doesn't come out and he yells instead :)
  8. He has the cutest open-mouthed grin.
  9. He has outgrown all of his newborn clothes.
  10. His feet hardly ever fit into his sleepers. He must have inherited my dad's shoe size.
  11. He LOVES to cuddle--and I love that :)
  12. He loves to swing.
  13. He falls asleep in the car almost instantly.
  14. He loves to look around.
  15. Whenever we go somewhere new he gets really quiet, even if he was crying before, and just looks.
  16. He doesn't pee on mom as much...that or I've gotten quicker :)

I have learned the value of time. Every day Jackson looks a little different, grows a little taller, learns new things. Looking back at his pictures from the first few weeks, it astounds me how much he has grown. I can't believe he has only been with us for 8 weeks. I can't imagine life without him now. Each moment is so precious. I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father brought Jackson into our lives. He makes every day a thousand times better than they ever were before...and that's saying a lot.

Photos courtesy of my sister, Sarah Woods over Christmas break :)


  1. Oh he is so cute! I love your little family! Congratulations!

    and I'm a little jealous that he is sleeping so long already...we are working on making it past 4-5 hours and they are 3 months!


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