Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sketch pads and chocolate chips

So, I'm starting to sketch again (in preparation for oil painting extravaganzas in the near future) and realizing just how long it's been since I've sat down with the old sketch pad and pencil (or pen for that matter). It's slightly depressing that things that used to be a cinch now take hours and I still finish a little less than satisfied. Makes it hard to keep trying, if ya know what I mean. But, alas, I'm working on it and (at the admonish of my husband who thinks, of course, that I'm way better than I actually am) I'll be posting some pictures when I can create something that doesn't suck. Also, I went to the gym tonight while Chuck was studying/PRSSA-ing and when I came home I was aching for some chocolate chip cookies (which I haven't had since before Fiji, I think). So, after my wonderfully hot shower (I will forever be grateful for hot water-Thank you, Fiji) I find my husband busily making double chocolate chip cookies. I'm pretty lucky :) Of course we had to run to the store to grab baking soda (which we hadn't re-bought since our return to America, land of Supermarkets and walmarts) and cocoa powder (and starbursts because they just looked way too good). So much for going to the gym. Chocolate > Will Power. Every time.


  1. AWW !! Chuck you win the husband of the day (month, year) award!! Aren't superstores wonderful American inventions? and Chocolate-those Figeans just don't know what they are missing.

  2. Ha. Love that last statement. SO TRUE. Good work chucky!! Can't wait to see pics of your sketches Em!


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