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Elder Krebs - 1 year in London.

Hey everyone - this is my little brother, Elder John William Krebs - he's awesome.

In the MTC - where he learned to be a missionary
John is currently serving a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS/Mormon) and is absolutely loving it. I've been thinking about him a lot lately and he just passed his year mark - I can't believe it has been that long. Although we argued - John has always been one of my best friends and the only person who knows how to get me angry :) I have missed him and am so sad that I will be out of Provo by the time he gets home. I am looking for an internship in London next summer, mostly because I want my family to be close to this awesome brother of mine. Love you Elder Krebs. You are the best missionary there's ever been.

Where he has served.
A) MTC, Preston, England. August 20th - September 12th
B) Dereham/Norwich, England. September 13th - February 22nd
C) Hyde Park, London, England. February 23rd -  June 21st
D) Essex/Grays, England. June 22nd - Present

Who he's served with.

Elder Brozzu - MTC. 3 weeks. "As you know I have a frenchy for a companion. He is out right hilarious. He always tells me whatever and i can tell when he's frustrated with me because he starts mumbling in french and rolling his eyes :) hehe. He loves me. He says things like, whatever, bowchickawowow, and ooo laa laa all the time. We had hamburgers for lunch one day and i was asking him if he'd ever seen the pink panther when he is trying to say hamburger, and i thought he had because he was saying stuff like damburger and hamBURRRger. I was laughing, but then i realized that he hadnt seen the movie and in actuality he was trying to say hamburger and couldnt :) :) i love that man." 

John with his trainer - Elder Young

Elder Young - Trainer, Norwich. 18 weeks. " I decided to switch my comparison of my companion to Matthew Allen Kearl :) Everything he does reminds me of Elder Kearl now. He is fantastic and wants to work. We are getting along quite nicely and the work is progressing.."
Elder Rallison - Follow up trainer, Norwich. 6 weeks. "He has been out 17 months and seems like he is a real great guy. I am very excited for something different." "He is from a tiny town in Idaho, named Franklin. It has about 650 people in it. He grew up on a cattle farm :) He said that tons of Napoleon Dynamite was filmed behind his house. He worked at the same chicken coop that Napoleon did. He has a great sense of humour and has me laughing all the time." "He is constantly singing and making me laugh. He is way more of a hick than I am and he's not even from kentucky. He is not really a hick though... but kinda. He likes high school musical and fantasy... so basically he is a very well rounded individual. "

Elder Avanesyan - Hyde Park. 6 weeks. "I love my new companion. Before this, he was honestly one of my favorite missionaries that I had met. We are working so hard together. I am in heaven. My last two companions have been great... but to be honest they both held me back. They either couldn't work as hard as I wanted or they didn't have the motivation to work as hard as I wanted! But Elder Avanesyan has BOTH! Last week we had 46 hours of accounted labour! The highest on my mission so far!!"

Elder Avanesyan and the Assistants in front of China Town
Elder Slejess - a Duke fan... uh-oh.
Elder Seljess - Hyde Park (Threesome). 2 weeks. "He is from Utah and is a foot taller than me! He used to be in the Hayes Area. but we received a missionary from the Siberian Mission and he moved to Hayes. So we get the leftover rubbish :( just kidding! I love it. He is so great except for one terrible terrible fault. He is a dUKe fan. Oh how close I was to calling President and telling him that there was a mistake. I will trust in the Lord's will and plan... and hopefully learn a ton. I am in the War Chapters right now... so maybe I will learn not to follow that traditions of my fathers :)" 

Elder Zarian - Hyde Park. 6 weeks. "I will be staying here and will be companions with Elder Zarian. He is a great guy from Eagle, Idaho. He reminds me of my daddy, Elder Young. They both have the same tendencies. We were in the Norwich Zone together for 4 1/2 months and he was my District Leader the last transfer. The reason we are now companions is because our areas are combining and both our companions are gone. I am really excited for it. He is dying soon, so he better not be trunky. Either way we will work hard."  

Elder De Oliveira - Hyde Park. 6 weeks. "I am staying in Hyde Park... but I will be getting a Portuguese companion. Therefore, we will be working half in the Hyde Park Ward and half in the Portuguese branch. President called me and asked how my Portuguese was, and I told him that it was no bueno." "He is from Rio and is trying to teach me Portuguese. "It is hard to teach, when you have a bad student" is his favourite phrase when I complain that I'm not learning fast enough or that he is a rubbish teacher." 

Elder Park - Essex/Grays. 6 weeks. "I will serving in Essex. More specifically Romford, and my Ward I cover is Grays. It will be a bitter sweet goodbye to the beautiful city of London, but I will only be about an hour east." "My companion learns faster than anyone I know. I'll tell him something to try... like... vary your door approaches more to speak of more gospel truths. The next door... his approach is completely different, he is using english words I don't know and then we are inside the House teaching the Restoration. How the man does it...I do not know. The spirit is working in him as much as it is working in our investigators!" "We knocked on a door and a dog started barking super loud and then ran like a bullet into the door making quite a scary noise. Elder Park RAN to the other side of the fence. I am chuckling to myself and he says "Elder... not funny. I almost took a pee to my trousers". Of COURSE this only made me laugh harder."  

Elder Ireland - Essex/Grays. Present, at least 12 weeks. "Elder Ireland and I quote the pageant soundtrack constantly... and we are having a ball together. My Heavenly Father is becoming my best friend... as I speak to Him personally every night. He hears me... I know it."

More Pictures:
Three baptisms of John's in Grays. 
John with some cute kids at church :)
Elder Adler, Elder Resolme, Elder Mosolakae and ME! We were all in the MTC together and now we are all in the Zone
The First One is the Baptism of Jackie :) Ah. She makes me so happy! She is a miracle.
I love the pink pants...

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