Sunday, September 25, 2011

My new best friend.

Acid Reflux = the bane of my existence.

Thirty minutes after I put anything in my mouth it feels like my throat is on fire. Luckily, someone brilliant created these tiny chewable tablets that taste like candy and keep me from ripping out my throat.

Since the start of my pregnancy, I have consumed 437 Tums and counting.

Thank you, Tums for saving my life and my sanity.


  1. OH my GOSH! I had the WORST acid reflux EVER. I feel your pain. My doctor also said I could take prilosec and it worked like a CHARM. good luck, girl! I can't remember if I sent you a message, but somehow our dad's got in contact and he told my dad you were pregnant right when you left for Fiji. I didn't want to say anything b/c i didn't know if it was out in the open yet-- apparently it is now. I'm so happy for you two. You'll make INCREDIBLE parents!

  2. oh ya-- they have a smoothie version of TUMS. They taste like PEZ. I swear I overdosed!


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