Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fiji Reunion

So, we've only been back from Fiji for about a month - but yesterday HELP International sponsored a brunch to celebrate the summer's accomplishments, to highlight some of the projects in the different countries and to provide a venue for a sweet reunion. I showed up a couple hours late thanks to a proctored and practice LSAT (I take it next Saturday - pray for me), but I still got to see them all and hang out with them after wards at a park.

Group photo in Fiji! Sorry about the quality. 
Group photo from Saturday... 5 are going without sleep after hiking Timp, FYI. 
It was so great to see these guys who became such good friends over the summer :). Two of them drove down from Rexburg and a whole handful from Logan just to be there on Saturday - what a great team. If you didn't get to see the video we put up of our time in Fiji, you can check it out here. We really were blessed with incredibly responsible and hardworking volunteers - and although I might have given them all a hard time, Emily and I sure do love them.

Darcee, Lauren, Carlee and Taylor

Hanging out at Kiwanis Park - the Timp hikers were tuckered out...

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