Thursday, January 24, 2013

January Adventures.

2013 has treated us well...and it's only January! Prepare yourself for a boat load of photos.

1. Playing Outside. Thankful to the warm weather, we got to try out our new bike trailer and play at the park a few times this month.
I'm pretty sure he loves it.

The bike trailer is a hit. He gets to be outside, but he doesn't have to go slow like in the stroller. Plus, he gets to see Dad and Mom biking and he gets super excited about that :)

Swinging with Dad at Jacobsen Park

Jackson is just now getting to the age where parks are REALLY fun. He loves the slides and swings. He likes to swing with dad more than swing on his own. Jacobsen Park is like a wooden castle with tons of different stairs and passage ways. He loves climbing around and exploring. Also, he loves the ducks. A whole lot. He was pretty distraught when we had to leave because it got to cold and rainy. 

2. Playing Inside.

Playing with Dad's hat.

Reading books. Upside down.

Playing with his dog.

I love this smile.

He climbs in and out of this wagon at least 30 times a day.

He likes to sit on his bike but whenever we try to push him he climbs off.
3. Cooking.
Cooking crepes with mom :)

4. Painting.
Finger painting! He actually did really great with the paint bush. I should have given him two brushes (one for each hand). Although, I'm pretty sure he would have played in it with his hands anyway :) 

5. The Zoo! We got to go to the Cincinnati Zoo on Martin Luther King Jr. day with some friends from Law School who have a little girl about Jackson's age. While it was FREEZING (literally, 18 degrees outside), all the indoor exhibits were heated so we stayed pretty warm for most of the day. We had such a blast and the kids loved it!

Jack loved the Elephants. He made his Elephant noise that Aunt Leah taught him :)

Although, he was a little worried about getting too close.

Sophie and Spencer

Checking out the Snow Leopards.

They were so cute together. 

Weighing himself in insects. He was pretty excited about this. In fact, he played there for 5 minutes  and probably would have stayed longer if we hadn't have made him come with us.

They loved looking at the turtles and birds in the tropical exhibit. And we loved the heat :)

Checking out the Manatees. 

Penguin parade!

Jackson was pretty interested in these guys.
6. More cooking! This kid LOVES to cook. Hands down his favorite thing to do. 

"Tasting" :) Pretty sure I know where he learned that one from. Whoops.

7. And MORE cooking.

Sometimes life as a mom is messy. 

But it is totally worth it :) Especially when your son scoots around on his belly in the flour :)
 8. Laundry.
Crazy static hair.

I don't know what he loves about climbing in and out of things, but it sure does make him happy :)

January has been pretty awesome. Being a mom has been pretty awesome. Life at the Krebs is quite happy at the moment :)

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