Friday, January 18, 2013

Our new bed!

I can't tell you how happy I am that our first major project for our bedroom is complete! Okay, I guess I can tell you. I'm really really really happy. So happy that every time I walk into our room and see our bed I sort of giggle to myself. And now I make the bed every. single. morning. just so I can look at it all day.  It totally changes the whole "ness" of our room and I LOVE the direction it's going.

And just so you can see the difference between what it used to look like and now. Here's this gem from the day we moved in:

That bed frame is my sister's. She let us swap because we only had a frame and her headboard and footboard took up too much space in her apartment. Our bedding was a wedding gift. While I still love it, I wanted a lighter more romantic, shabby chic feel.

Big difference huh? Please ignore the fact that I STILL don't have lampshades for our repurposed lamps. Who knew that lampshades were so expensive? I just can't justify spending 30 dollars on new lampshades when the whole purpose of the project was to save money. Anyone know of a good place for cheap lampshades? Excuse my digression. This post isn't about lampshades. It's about our awesome new bed :)

The shutters were purchased at a salvage yard in South Carolina. Sarah talked me into going because they got tons of stuff there for their wedding for a good deal. Thank goodness she did! And you know what the best part is? They came JUST like that. Okay, well, I pressure washed them and scrubbed them down. But all that perfectly awesome antiqued old paint? Yep. That was how they came. I didn't even have to do a darn thing. We put the headboard together by following this tutorial. We followed it almost exactly, improvising where we weren't totally sure. We didn't do the crown molding at the top either.

These are the pillow covers I made with my brand spanking new sewing machine! I found the fabric (both drapery/upholstery fabrics) at Hancock's along with the pillow forms. I followed this tutorial for the large Euro pillows and this tutorial for the small rectangular pillow (Although, if  you are going to do a rectangular pillow, chat with me first so I can tell you how to make some alterations).

Also, the white duvet cover, shams and bedskirt all came from Target. I'm pretty much in love with it. When we eventually buy new rails for our bed (we are using a set of rails that were originally on a twin bed in the guest room), we will buy a little bit taller ones so that 2 X 4 (in the photo above) won't show at all :)

Thanks for checking it out! Can't wait for our next project for this room: My great grandma's dresser and curtains for those french doors :)


  1. That's beautiful! :) Check for old lampshades that can be re-purposed at thrift stores. You can use fabric to cover them, there are all sorts of tutorials on pinterest. I'm sure you could make your own, too if you had a tutorial.

  2. Clearance at Target is always amazing, also as Sarah pointed out so is Thrift stores but then you have the worry of the possible bugs, or bad things that just come with using fabric from thrift stores. Ikea is also a great place. You all did a great job on that head board!!!

  3. Fun! When I first saw it I thought it was hundreds of recessed little shelves with LOTS of sheets in the cubbies and I was like "why so many sheets? haha

  4. Don't worry Em, I didn't even notice that the lamps didn't have shades on them when I first saw the pictures. Then again, I am a guy. Chuck probably doesn't notice it either, and he lives with you ;)


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