Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012: A year of three Christmases.

As a kid, Christmas morning was the most magical few hours of every year. We would count down the days, speculate on where the presents were hidden, sneak peaks at name tags on the wrapped gifts and almost pee our pants in excitement as we ran down the stairs to see what Santa brought us. If you had asked me then, I would have said there was NO way Christmas could get any better. And I would have been utterly wrong. 

Christmas as a parent easily tops any Christmas I've had before (and that's saying a lot). While I will never trade any of those magical and perfect childhood Christmas mornings, nothing could be more perfect than watching joy light up the face of a child because Santa (who's me! We get to be Santa now. So cool.) came to visit them. And of course, Christmas only gets better from here. Moral of the story = Christmas as a parent is pretty much my most favorite thing in the world.

This year we got to have THREE Christmases! Crazy, we know. It was official Krebs Family Christmas year and everyone came to us! (Oh, the perks of going to UK Law) We got to spend three solid weeks with most of the Krebs crew (The Adams family and the Krebs family from Oregon couldn't make it. Tears were shed.). Thrown in between all that fabulous Krebs family time, we got the chance to have Christmas with my Dad and Kathy AND head to South Carolina for Christmas with my Mom and Sarah and Perryn. 

Christmas #1: 

We spent the Saturday and Sunday before Christmas with my Dad and Kathy.

We have ourselves a climber :)

Jackson's favorite gift: tissue paper.

He played in this gift bag from Aunt Karen for 20 minutes straight. Don't worry, he LOVES the tractor too, Aunt K!

Power tools! So happy.

The little man found the presents corner.

Apparently, all the present opening wore us out because Dad, Chuck and I passed out while Jackson ran around. Good thing Leah stayed awake!

This video is Jackson opening his gift from Aunt Karen and loving the tissue paper :)

To be continued... :)

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