Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pinterest projects, anyone?

Okay, so I have about 47 projects on my to-do list, all pinterest inspired, of course. While I am continually adding new ideas to my ever-constant to-do list, I am significantly lacking in the project completion area. My loving husband carefully pointed this out to me last night as I showed him yet another craft on my list.

 "Are you still going to make a bookshelf out of all that pallet wood I helped you disassemble?" (Don't remember my crazy happy pallet day? Check out this post.)


So, in honor of my wonderful husband who supports me in my fanatic love of making to-do lists and my not so fanatic love of finishing the are a few creations that I've come up with in the past few weeks. I promise I've been doing something with my time other than running (yes, running) after my adorably active son.

1. Letters for Jack's nursery

These letters are finished, but the silly command strips didn't work very well. Apparently his name is, "JAC." Chuck thinks he got a little impatient pushing the letters against the wall for them to stick. His name is too long...

2. Jackson's wall decal

Sorry, no photo yet. I never remember to go in there until it's naptime or bedtime!

3. Lamps for the master bedroom

4. Canvas paintings for Jack's nursery

I've done a little bit more on these but haven't been able to take photos yet.

The only problem with each of these projects is that they are all at the "dang, I forgot to get frames-is it supposed to do that?-stupid command strips didn't work-forgot to take pictures-can't find lamp shades to work" stage. Alas, I'm still unable to cross them off the official to-do list. In case you were curious, which I'm sure you were, I will be posting about the completed projects with tutorials :)

So, cheers to all of you half-project doers! May nap time never be long enough!

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