Thursday, October 11, 2012

I love my little man.

I know every mom thinks their kids are the greatest. So, I'm just living up to the cliche. He really is the best. I've got a bunch of random photos that are adorable, but I didn't know what to do with them. So, enjoy. 

Hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma Krebs and the Matt and Corinda Krebs fam on a Sunday!

Jack's first time in a swing :)

Elsie LOVING it!

Looking around for his Papa :) Chuck usually works in the office and plays peek-a-boo with Jack from our bedroom doors. Jack goes looking for him during the day sometimes. Precious.

This smile melts my heart.

What'd I do, mom?

Can I guy just play with his toys?

Pretty sure this is the cutest saggy bottom around town.

Jack's halloween costume :)

Wrestling with Dad!

Reading with mom :)
Grandma Woods sent Jackson a package in the mail! He was super excited that I let him hold it when I pulled it out of the mailbox :)

Thanks for the pajamas, Grandma!

Top Ten Jack Favorites:
1. That smile.
2. Tickling his toes while he's eating - he dies laughing.
3. When he looks out windows.
4. Getting hugs.
5. Waving bye.
6. His excited noise.
7. Hearing him chat when he wakes up from a nap.
8. When he squats down and his pants sag.
9. When he plays with the hair when we are snuggling before nap time.
10. His "hold me" stance.

Love this little guy to pieces. 

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