Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boyd Orchards.

Could he get ANY cuter? No. The answer is no.
Man, I love fall. I love the smell of the leaves. The hot cider. The warm clothes. It's the best. A fabulous season like fall deserves a little recognition. So, Chuck and I made a list of holiday festivities that we wanted to do as a family during this wonderful time of year. On our list for Halloween was apple picking and visiting a pumpkin patch. Joy!

So, last Friday Chuck didn't have classes and we headed over to Boyd Orchards for a day of fun :) There are tons of activities (hay rides, play ground, petting zoo) for little ones, but Jackson just isn't quite old enough to enjoy them quite yet, so we didn't do any of them this year. We grabbed a delicious lunch at the cafe with some yummy hot cider (one of my most favorite drinks in the entire world). Then we set off to do some apple picking! Unfortunately, most of the apples were past their prime. We didn't end up picking any of our own. But Jack had a fabulous time riding around in the wagon and playing with the rotten apples (yucky) on the ground anyway! The pumpkin patch was tons of fun and we loved watching Jackson try and pick up the giant pumpkins. This kid has 0% fear, 10% confidence and 90% perseverance. He. does. not. give. up. Which I'll be so grateful for when he is studying hard at school and not trying to open the fireplace again and again and again. and again.

 We ended the trip by trying out their apple cider donuts (YUM).

He did not stay sitting in the wagon for very long. He kept trying to stand up...while we were pulling him. Crazy guy.

"How does this work?"

"Don't worry, Dad. I've got this."

Looking for better apples.

This is his new exasperated face. Makes me giggle every time.

"Look mom, my size!"

So glad we were able to visit Boyd Orchards! Yay for Fall :)


  1. It seriously should not be allowed for anyone to be as cute as that kid of yours.

  2. It seriously should not be allowed for anyone to be as cute as that kid of yours.


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